With Flurries Come Worries

With Flurries Come Worries

Following a few discouraging weeks where snow and frigid temperatures led nearly every school in Hamilton County and the greater Indianapolis area to cancel or delay school, the Intro to Journalism class talked to members of the community to find out how UHS feels about not receiving these beloved, perhaps necessary, breaks.

The below zero temperatures are keeping Indiana residents at an all time low morale for the month of February. Adults still have to commute daily to their jobs, but with these freezing temperatures come every student’s favorite thing around this time of the year, school delays. Many area public and private schools are delaying their school start by two hours so their students can get to school when perhaps it might be a little warmer with the sun out. A school that is rarely closed is University High School. One student at University has very negative feelings about the subject: “Yo I got siblings who go to North Central…and they got delays and shit…it really hits me in the heart.” said senior Ben Lahr. It is clear that University has some unhappy students roaming the halls. The administration might need to think about what they are going to do before the next cold morning or else they might have a riot on their hands, led by who else, but Ben Lahr.

Cold weather is upon UHS. Some say we stop complaining about temperature and others say that it is affecting their learning. Charlie Vargas went out in February to ask people if they thought the cold weather affected their learning and got lot of similar answers. Sophomore Kali Mayer said, “I do ’cause that’s all I’m concentrated on and I’m freezing all the time and I don’t want to be here when it’s cold.” On the other hand Sophomore Troy Belanger stated, “it makes paying attention in morning meeting hard because we just had to walk all the way from the other building and its cold and getting lunch is cold and they don’t heat the other building very much recently also they don’t cancel school because you know we don’t have busses but camel schools and other schools might get canceled but they don’t have to walk outside in between classes we do, that should be taken into consideration.” Vargas hasn’t spoken with administration, but hopes knowing the other side of the situation would clear things up.

When comparing University High School to surrounding school districts, there is an impressive record of occasions where a snow day or mere 2-hour delay was called. The lack of school hours missed when cold weather and heavy snow presents itself is an issue that many University students feel passionately about. When asked if she feels that school is negatively impacted or interrupted by snow days and 2-hour delays, senior Robin Mackellar says: “I don’t think it’s negatively impacting [education]. It gives you like, a mental break. With homework online and everything, it’s smarter to do that [have school delays and cancellations].”

At a freezing Indiana high school, Sam Klarquist asked the pressing question, “How many snow days should we have?”. Students from a high school that hasn’t had one yet responded varyingly with Connor Watkins saying, “a maximum of one,” and Alyson Cline saying 6. Alyson expressed concern about the potential for a blizzard and the possibility of danger saying “…if we need to eat to eat each other.”

The dangers this frozen tundra brings may be the most convincing argument for delays and snow days. As temperatures keep dropping, driving becomes more of a liability. The likelihood that something bad will happen increases, mainly because of thick ice and oppressive cold. One unpleasant if not terrifying possibility of driving in the winter is becoming stranded on the side of a busy road (the worst case scenario would be a busy freeway or a barren back-road). When asked if she was nervous about traversing the roads on her way to work, Ms. Northenscold answered, “I live pretty far away… Yeah, I am kind of nervous. I guess sometimes I see people stranded on the side of the road and I think ‘who would I call?”… could I actually make it in a car without becoming sick?”. Keep all your faculties in check commuting persons; unpredictable accidents are not uncommon this time of year.



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