7 Moments You Experience During a “Pre-Spring Break” 5-Day Week

7 Moments You Experience During a “Pre-Spring Break” 5-Day Week

By Emily Gardner

  1. Monday begins with the drudging pain of waking yourself up at a brutal 6 am and wiping the weekend sleep out of your eyes. Why, why WHY. You’re going to fall asleep at some point during your first period class. No exceptions.
  2. Tuesday morning comes along with a hint of motivation, despite the fact that you have 3 tests to study for within the next 3 days; okay, never mind. This is terrible.
  3. Your first double is going to feel like the absolute worst thing in the world. It will go on forever, and when it’s finally over: you still have your 5th period double to get through. Math double directly after lunch? No thanks.
  4. Wednesday is finally here! Hump Day! This day is 2nd to Friday, as you are finally halfway through the week and you only have 2 days left! Unless of course you lack a study hall today. Prayers go out to all of my 4th period survivors.
  5. Thursday always seems to feel like Friday, when does this end; I hate everything.
  6. It’s finally Friday, thank god! No more doubles, short classes! Assembly! The last class of the day becomes a countdown. We’re all in a High School Musical movie now.
  7. It’s finally over. You made it. Sleep for 13 hours.


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