What To Do on Spring Break if You’re Not Going Anywhere

What To Do on Spring Break if You’re Not Going Anywhere

By Ariana Katz

It is finally that time of year! Spring break is less than a week away and we can’t wait to get through the last week of those super fun classes. While a lot of people seem to be talking about where they’re headed off to for a week of some fun in the sun, some of us are kicking it back and chillaxing in the good ‘ol Indiana weather. Now I know some people might not see this as a fun way to spend their week off of school. But I’m going to give you a few ideas of how to make your break better than any trip to a beach in the Caribbean.

Idea 1: Who needs to fly to a beach when you’ve got one in your very own state? Would you take a look at those waves?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now I know it’s no Florida or L.A., but isn’t this so much better? You have a perfectly nice sandy spot to throw down a blanket and have a picnic with some friends or family!

Idea 2: If you’re feeling artistic, hit up the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Take time to explore the different galleries and really walk around if you haven’t before! Maybe even recreate some John Green moments if you’re feeling it!

ima-300x168Idea 3: Spend a day on the town in Broad Ripple or Mass Avenue in the heart of Indianapolis. Explore shops and restaurants for a day of fun! Who really needs that cute, small-town feel when you’ve got a whole street to spend time on!

Idea 4: Now if you really want to go crazy during your week of fun, head on over to the IMAX theatre to experience Pandas – The Journey Home in 3D playing until April 16. Who wouldn’t want to munch on some popcorn and candy while watching a touching film on a member of the Ursidae family if you want to get scientific?

Idea 5: Now I know for a fact no one can turn down a good snack! Grab a friend and spend the day baking. Not only will you end with some tasty treats, but you’ll get to bond with a pal! Maybe even watch a few movies to enjoy your freshly made snacks.icedbiscuits_3054_16x9I hope these ideas give you some inspiration on how to make the most of your week of fun!

Ya’ll have a great spring break now, ya hear?

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