Artist of the Week: Maggie Richards

Artist of the Week: Maggie Richards

Sydney Tomlinson continues our Artist of the Week series with junior Maggie Richards.


How and when did you become interested in art?

“I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. We have rolls of film pictures in our house that I took when I was four — a quarter of the picture is my finger.”

DSCN1116    IMG_3403


How did you become interested in photography in particular?

“I tried all sorts of art forms but fell in love with photography for its ability to capture memories.”

IMG_0675        IMG_6773


Are you interested in or do you work in mediums other than photography? 

“I only do photography but I love to manipulate the photos in different ways. Some of my favorite pieces have been median transfers.  This technique that I learned in class, layers multiple photo images into a piece of art.”

DSCN1539 1607011_494213530689396_2061541842_n


What other interests or passions do you have? 

“I am a varsity soccer player and avid eventing horseback rider. I ride English on my 6-year-old thoroughbred Royal. On the soccer team I am known for playing quite aggressive defense.”


Do you see either of these as connected to your photography, and how so?

“I feel like horseback riding is more connected to my photography than soccer. Horseback riding is all in the details. The smallest of movements by the rider or the horse has a large effect. I think this attention to detail has strengthened the composition of my photography.”

IMG_2851.-4JPG    IMG_2578 21-07-57-669


Are there any artists you draw inspiration from?

“My concentration portfolio in AP art is inspired by Fabian Oefner. Mrs. Adams introduced me his work. He beautifully mixes science in art.”


Do you hope to pursue art in college or later in life? If not, what do you hope to study in college or pursue a career in? 

“My current plan is to minor in photography and major in Equine Veterinary Medicine.”

IMG_0626 21-08-07-086


Of the 10 photos featured here, which is your favorites and why? 

“My favorite is definitely (#1090) of Lexie. The inspiration came from the unique feeling of being underwater. The sun coming streaming down from the surface, the lack of gravity, the fluidity of swimming, and the utter calm that comes from being surrounded by water. I wanted to capture the way being underwater feels beautifully otherworldly.”



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