Athlete of the Week: Anoop Jasti

Athlete of the Week: Anoop Jasti

By Daniel Healey

Anoop Jasti is a freshman here at University. He doesn’t have to travel far to get to school everyday, because Jasti resides in Fishers. He has an old brother that goes to the prestigious Indiana University. Along with golf, he plays tennis and tries to ride his bike as much as he can. Besides athletics, his favorite subject in school is science and he is also a member of the Community Service Club. Anoop was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his day to answer a few questions for the readers of The U Post.

How long have you been playing golf?

I’ve been playing golf for about 2 years. But this is only my second year of competitive golf.

What’s your favorite part about golf?

I like how you can play with anybody and be at your own pace and play just as as you are. Most sports you have to play with someone who is the same level as you, but you can play with anyone in golf.

Why did you choose to play golf?

My brother played in high school, so I went and played with him once. liked it so I bought some clubs for myself and started playing.

How do you think the coaching of long time golf coach Tom Fitzgibbon has advanced your play?

My swing has gotten a lot better, and he points out what I have to work on.

How does it feel to be the only freshman, so far, to be on the varsity team this season?

It feels good. I feel like all of my hard work has gotten me somewhere.

Favorite color of golf ball to use?

Yellow, because its easy to find (Anoop likes to play with golf balls that aren’t the typical color of white).

What is your preferred snack while on the golf course?

I don’t eat much on the golf course, I just drink some Gatorade.

What’s your favorite breed of dog and why?

Goldendoodle, because it has the fun skills that a retriever can do, but its also has fur and doesn’t shed.

If you were to be a chilled beverage, which one would you be?

Probabaly Pepsi. I don’t know it’s just my favorite soda.

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