Lily Jervis’s Spring Playlist

Lily Jervis’s Spring Playlist

By Lily Jervis

  1. Carrie and Lowell- Sufjan Stevens

The titular song off of Sufjan’s latest album is one of my favorites, but honestly if this is something that appeals to you, you should check out the entire album. Carrie and Lowell is based on Stevens’ own parents, and has an extremely mellow and folksy feel to it.

  1. Hey, Doreen- Lucius

This song is a little more upbeat than what I usually listen to. It’s an amazing song and also extremely catchy. This song is neat because it has a sort of story to it, but it’s vague enough to let you imagine what’s really going on. Also the Lucius duo is very cute because they dress exactly the same all the time.

  1. Let Her Go- Jagwar Ma

Let Her Go has a sort of surfer rock vibe that most people can jam out to. This song seems to appeal to all genres and, if I may be so bold, I imagine that you’ll like it.

  1. 10,000 Weight In Gold- The Head and the Heart

While this is one of the lesser-known songs off of The Head and the Heart’s album Let’s Be Still, it is personally one of my favorites. This is super indie hipster music, but even if that’s not your thing you should still give it a listen because it’s a very cute song.

  1. You Make My Dreams Come True- Hall & Oates

If you know me at all, you know what a huge Hall & Oates nerd I am. This song is one you can dance to, and it’s kind of old but if you don’t like Hall & Oates, you’re really missing out.

  1. Broadripple is Burning- Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this song is a little bit sad, but all in all totally cool and worth a listen. This song is especially cool because it has a shout out to Broad Ripple. (The band is from Indiana!)

  1. Lookin’ Out My Back Door- Creedence Clearwater Revival

If you like 70’s folksy sounding music, you’ll love this. CCR is an iconic band, and this song and video are both very cute and memorable.

  1. Heartbeat- Kopecky Family Band

The video for this song is extremely cute, funny, and looks almost like a home video. The song is super catchy and fun. It’s definitely worth a listen if you like happy songs.

  1. Simple As This- Jake Bugg

I love this song so much; it’s even my ringtone. It’s a little twang-y, but it has really good lyrics, with a folksy and calm sound. You may have heard Jake Bugg’s song Lightening Bolt on the radio, but I assure you that this is 10x better.

  1. She Only Loves Me When I’m There- Ball Park Music

This version of the song that I picked is a little slower than the original, but honestly I like it a lot better. It’s fun seeing the live performance without any special effects; the video is very raw and honest. Triple J, the YouTube channel that this is on, often features famous artists and has them perform a few songs; check ‘em out.



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