A Future In Pharmacy

A Future In Pharmacy

By Molly Risk

When Isabel was a young kid, she grew close to and cared for her neighbor.

As teenagers start high school, many have no idea what they are planning on doing in the future. Many do not even know what they are planning to study as they go into college. However, Isabel Murphy always knew that the medical field was in her future.

Medical professionals heavily influenced Isabel early on. Her mother is a gynecologist, her father is studying at Ivy Tech to be a radiologist, and their neighbors happened to be pharmacists. Dr. Murphy had always wanted Isabel to find a subject to study early on in high school, so she chose pharmacy.

When Isabel was applying to colleges, she knew they had to have a good pharmacy program. Eventually it was between Butler University and Purdue University. She chose Butler and will be attending there in the fall.

Butler University is known for their amazing pharmacy program. . They have a two-year pre-pharmacy program that leads into a more in depth four-year program. It is number 6 in the country out of all schools and number 1 in private schools for their pharmacy program, with 95% to 100% job placement.

To get ahead of her game, Isabel takes AP Biology and anatomy in school. “ I would rather take those two classes than Spanish, I hate that class,” says Isabel. She also thought that she was going to major in biology, but when the pharmacy route was introduced to her, the biology path was overthrown.

Not only has Isabel gotten ahead with her classes at school, but she also actually got to shadow a pharmacist at Community East Hospital, where she was paired with a Purdue Graduate. Isabel was fascinated by the way pharmacists communicated about medications to patients and were putting patients “at ease.” “I was intrigued by the way pharmacists consulted with both doctors and patients about different medications and the problem solving that went into choosing the right prescription for the patient,” says Isabel.

Pharmacy is not the only thing that Isabel has a knack for. She has been playing volleyball for a while now, and also has been playing the viola since 4th grade. She went to Orchard Elementary and Middle school and attended University High School for all four years.


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