Daniel Healey, Signing Off

Daniel Healey, Signing Off

By Daniel Healey 

As I sat down last night, I logged onto my Facebook and immediately saw Tuesday night’s U Post article. It was senior Isaac Mervis’ final piece. I read it. I loved it. I strive to be the writer that he is. I spent a long time debating what I wanted to do for my final piece; I wanted to do something different, maybe a little more involved, but why? I loved my role with the U Post over the past four years. It was a fun way to inform people of who our athletes really are. I’m beyond proud for being a part of the original U Post staff. So for my final piece, I give you something I love and will remember forever, my final Athlete(s) of the Week with two of the fine gentlemen I have called my friends over the past four years.


Jake Tanner

Senior Jake Tanner is not your average “joe” (it’s funny because his father’s name is Joe). Tanner has participated in 11 of the 12 seasons of athletics during his time at University. Jake has participated in soccer, basketball, and currently, golf. He has an older brother, Mitch, who attends Depauw University, where Tanner will begin to attend in the fall. Tanner is a television enthusiast and can probably quote a line from every episode of The Office. During his free time, he enjoys petting his cat, wrestling, and occasionally getting a game of neighborhood rugby under his belt (two truths and a lie). Tanner has been my golf teammate over the past four years, and I have loved every minute of it. Every joke about golf enthusiast (and golf cart driver) Tom Fitzgibbon, every round we’ve played together, and all the long bus rides will be something I remember forever. Tanner was kind enough to answer a few questions for all you readers out there.

  1. How long have you been playing golf?

As long as I can remember.

  1. Why do you continue to play golf?

I continue to play it because it is challenging, fun, and different every time.

  1. Who got you to started playing golf?

My Daddy.

  1. Who is your favorite PGA Golfer?

Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler.

  1. Favorite golf course to play on?

TPC Sawgrass.

  1. Favorite high school golf memory?

Shooting 79 at the Cardinal Ritter Classic and placing 5th overall.

  1. Favorite on-course snack?

A hot dog and a water.

  1. What is your favorite Michael Scott quote?

“Business is a doggy-dog world and I am a shark…who eats doggy-dogs.”

  1. How has the coaching of golf legend Tom, “Tommy,” Fitzgibbon helped your game?

He gives me a good attitude out there; even when I’m struggling, he helps cheer me up.

  1. Word of advice to a freshman joining the golf team?

You can always make it up on the next hole.

  1. One thing you will miss about University Golf next year?

Everything about it.


Isaac Mervis

If you are looking for a senior this year with a long impressive resume, it’s Isaac Mervis. He is a four-year varsity baseball player, as well as playing on the soccer team these past two seasons. Mervis has also led the Blaze Craze student section the last couple of years, with what I would say was a very impressive final season as spirit leader.  More recently, you might know him for being a member of the very popular “Squad 3.” Mervis will attend Davidson College in the fall, striving to be the next Steph Curry. As said in the intro, Mervis is also an original writer for the U Post, and the creator of the famous, “Athlete of the Week.” I figured there would be no better way to end my final Athlete of the Week piece than to interview the man that started it all.

  1. How long have you been playing baseball?

I have been playing baseball ever since I can remember. I got started on the t-ball fields of the legendary First Baptist, and the rest was history.

  1. Who got you started playing baseball?

My dad started playing catch with me in the backyard and I was hooked. I got out on the field as soon as I could.

  1. Favorite baseball memory?

Winning Sectionals two years in a row was definitely a great memory.  It’s so rewarding to see all of your hard work and effort throughout the season pay off and materialize. Holding up the trophy with my teammates was validating.

  1. How has Coach Estep advanced your game?

Coach Estep has such a great understanding of the game. He is a great teacher and makes it easy to adapt to high school baseball right away. He and Reid (our assistant coach) know the game inside and out, and are good at helping make adjustments to fix whatever problem we’re having. They are also both hilarious and make the game a ton of fun.

  1. What you will miss about the baseball team next year?

I’ll definitely miss all of my friends on the team. They make it so much fun to go to practice and get better every single day. They are a group of guys that like to have fun, but can also be serious when the situation demands it.

  1. Words of advice to incoming freshman baseball players?

Be prepared, and play as hard as you can every pitch.

  1. Favorite pre-game snack?

Chick-Fil-A nuggets.

  1. Favorite baseball player?

Derek Jeter

  1. Favorite baseball movie?

The Benchwarmers. I try to model my game after Howie as much as possible.

  1. Favorite pre-game pump-up song?

Call Me Maybe. Carly Rae really knows how to get a team fired up.

  1. Cutest butt on the team?

No question, Eric Metzman. The dude goes hard on the squat rack in the offseason and it pays HUGE dividends when it comes time to put the pants on.

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