Fashion 411: Steppin’ Into The New Year

Fashion 411: Steppin’ Into The New Year

By Lori Bowes

So, to jump right into it, this week’s post is all about shoes! The latest and most fun shoe trend going on right now is definitely booties! Fall booties, summer booties, any-kind-of-weather booties! I’m really in to it right now, and hey— even if it weren’t super trendy and ALL over runways and stores, they’d still be my go-to shoe at the moment.  Here’s a couple of reasons why they’re going to be the number one shoe this fall:

  • They’re versatile.

This style can just about go with anything you pair them with. You can dress them up with a cute, flirty dress and some dressy jewelry. Or, you can simply make it casual. Pair them with jeans and a comfy tee and you’re ready to go, while still looking put together. The upside: you only spent about 2 seconds putting it all together and you can save time in the morning for sleep! (Always a must!)

  • They’re super comfortable

If you’re not into pointy, painful heels (which, let’s face it, who is?), but you still want something a little more chic than some Converse, these are definitely the happy medium between comfort and style. Most of the styles out there have  relatively short heel heights. And even when you go for a higher heel, the chunkier they are, the more practical they become. And you know what that means: you can literally walk around ALL day in them!

  • They go with everything!

The most recent styles have all been in neutral tones, and neutral tones go with just about anything you pair them with. Jeans, skirts, shorts, whatever your stylish heart desires! To top it all off, I’ve included some looks I’ve put together below for some inspiration for the week!


Booties #1


Booties #2


Booties #3



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