Playlist: Old and New Tunes

Playlist: Old and New Tunes

By Lily Jervis


Hozier- Jackie and Wilson:

You probably know Hozier, and if you don’t, you definitely should. “Jackie and Wilson” is a really upbeat and cute song, and this is probably my favorite song off of his album.


Father John Misty- I Love You, Honeybear:

This song is pretty sad sounding, which tends to be a trend in the music I listen to. Although this song is sad, it’s a really nice sounding song, and also pretty cute.


The Shins- New Slang:

This song is a good one put on in the background while you’re doing something else, because it’s very quiet and reserved, but also very chill to listen to. The official music video is just a bunch of dorky guys hanging out; it looks like a home movie and I love it.


The Sea & I- Improve:

This song’s music video is super cool and uses silhouettes, which pairs really well with the song and looks amazing. This song is a little slow and somber at the beginning, but it picks up speed and becomes a little more energetic towards the end.


Marcelo Camelo & Mallu Magalhães- Janta:

This song is partially in Portuguese, but that’s okay because it still is a really great song. I don’t really like the female singer on this song, but I absolutely love Marcelo Camelo. This song is very sweet and has the lyrics in the description, so you can sing along in mangled Portuguese.


Belle & Sebastian- There’s Too Much Love:

I love this song so much; one time I listened to it for like 2 hours on repeat. This song is not only really peppy and nice to dance to, but it’s also beautiful and sounds so good. If you listen to nothing else on this list, please listen to this one.



The Supremes- Where Did Our Love Go:

I love 60’s girl groups so much and that’s why there are 3 of them on this list. The Supremes are like the queens of 60’s girl groups, and literally all of their songs are cute and retro, and fun to sing and dance to. Also, their dancing in this video is so adorable; check em out.


George Harrison- Awaiting On You All:

We all know The Beatles, but this song is strictly George Harrison, and therefore you probably haven’t heard it before. This song is super fun and reminiscent of the Beatles era, but not the same sound as The Beatles.


Scott McKenzie- San Francisco:

This song is really smooth and nice to listen to- very mellow. If you liked the last song you’ll like this one for sure. It’s also sort of similar to the sounds of Creedence Clearwater Revival, but less folksy and more hippie.


Roger Miller- King of the Road:

This song is totally dorky and I’ll admit that right now. But I love it; it’s got funny memorable lyrics and a tune that sticks with you. This song almost makes you nostalgic for a past that you weren’t actually part of, and that’s a very cool feeling. It’s a very croon-y song, plus Roger Miller looks like a grandfather, so how bad can it be?


The Ronettes- Be My Baby:

This song is very similar to the other two girl group songs on here, but the lead vocalist’s voice is a little higher and it totally works. The lyrics of this song are really adorable and the backing music is also very cool with all the brass sounds. You should listen to all of the different girl groups listed here, because they truly are all different, yet all good.


The Shirelles- Mamma Said:

This song was in Orange Is the New Black, so that’s how I know about it, and if you’ve seen the episode it’s in, it’s very sad in that context. Although it’s sad in the show, if you just listen to it on its own, it’s very sweet and easy-going. The notes that the backing vocalists can reach are ridiculous, and the harmonies in this song are really great.

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