5 Reasons You Should Attend Spirit Fest 2015

5 Reasons You Should Attend Spirit Fest 2015

By Allie Towriss

Hey everyone! It’s finally here: Spirit Fest is tomorrow, October 2nd, beginning right after school.

You should get really excited because….

  1. There’s going to be food- a.k.a food trucks, everyone’s favorite kind of trucks. It’ll be delicious and convenient. And, well, it’s UHS, so who could say no to food? It’s basically a Core Value.
  2. You can rock climb, take photos in a super-cool photo booth, chill out, play frisbee, longboard, or whatever you like to do. These are the easiest weekend plans ever, and all your friends will be there.
  3. You can get your face painted to show off your Trailblazer spirit before the Boys Varsity Soccer Game, which starts at 5pm.
  4. It’s senior night for the boys’ varsity soccer team, so we want as much support and energy as possible!
  5. You can get a real cute photo of you and your friends for ‘The Gram,’ which is the most important part of the night.

Basically, let’s make this night amazing and show our UHS pride! We can’t do it without all of you, so see you all there!

Image: universityhighschool.org

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