A Week of Spirit At UHS

A Week of Spirit At UHS

By Molly Risk

This past week at University, the halls were filled with spirit and pride. It started with Merry Merry Monday, where students and faculty wore a range of attire, from Christmas sweaters to Viking hats (Leif Erikson day, of course). Tuesday had everyone seeing double for Twin Tuesday, with some very interesting outfits to see two of. Western Wednesday was filled with lots of cowboy boots, jeans, plaid shirts, and hats! By the end of the day, the staff and students were all talking with a drawl. Thursday had everyone wearing suspenders, taped glasses, and pocket protectors, also known as Nerd Day. Ending the week was the best of all days, University Spirit Wear Day! Everyone was wearing their jerseys, sweatshirts, and shirts, all in the colors of blue and white and labeled with “University.”

Not only did everyone have a blast with all the fun spirit dress up days, but the fun continued Friday after school with University’s annual Spirit Fest. At this year’s Spirit Fest, there was a DJ, flipbook photo stand, rock wall, and food trucks. Students, faculty, and families were all enjoying the good music, yummy food, and fun games of the night. Although the weather may have been chilly, people brought hats and blankets and bundled up. There was a great turnout for the night, and even some University alumni made appearances at Spirit Fest.

Of course the games, music, and food were all a great attribute to Spirit Fest, but the main attraction was the 5 o’clock boys varsity soccer game and Senior Night. They played the International School of Indianapolis. Although the boys lost with a final score of 2-1, they played hard and it was a close game. The bleachers were full of a freezing but cheering student section, with many others lining the field to cheer on the players. The Blazers fought hard, and it was a close game for sure.

Spirit Week was a success, and Spirit Fest was even better. If there is one thing University can do well, it’s having lots of spirit. Every year, Spirit Week gets better, as well as Spirit Fest. Thanks to everyone for making this year one of the best, and go Trailblazers!

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