Wotts Up With Boys Soccer? Athlete of the Week

Wotts Up With Boys Soccer? Athlete of the Week

By Livi Nichols

An interview with a UHS Boy’s Soccer Team Captain, Tyler Wott

What’s your role on the field?

My role on the field is the center back position. Which is the middle of the defense line. I play with Dimitri Georgakopoulos, in the middle. And our job is to make sure we get up when the ball is cleared out. We kind of control defense a little more than most people. We usually set up the walls in the free kicks and we make sure that everyone’s in position and we control the back line more. That’s it, we do a lot of the clearing out the crosses, because usually crosses come in through the sides, so that’s our job, it’s to get the ball out.

So you play three different sports, what do you like about soccer? What’s special about this sport?

I like soccer because it gives me the opportunity to be more physical with people and push them down and whatnot. You know, just bumping into them and whatnot. I also like running around a lot. I like running around the field, it’s fun to run with everyone.

As the new head of University Blaze Craze, what can you tell us about plans for this year?

We’re trying to get more participation out of everything, because it’s a lot more fun when a lot more people do it, and I think when most people realize that they’ll start to participate more. We’re definitely trying to get more people out to different kinds of games. Instead of only boys basketball games, those are always fun, we want to increase the attendance in those as well as others, such as girls volleyball and girls basketball. We’re going to try those sports.

What is your goal for this year/season?

My goal this season clearly would be to win a sectional title. The first one for soccer, it would be really cool. We finally don’t have Guerrin or Zionsville as sectional opponents so we actually have a legit,  good chance. I think we’ve played everyone in our sectional, except for Broad Ripple. So it’ll be fun when sectional season comes around, because that’s when the real season starts. We’ll see how we do, it’s been fun!

The boys concluded their regular season last Friday, October 2nd with a heartbreaking loss against ISI. But you can still see the team in action tomorrow, 10/7, at Heritage Christian against Park Tudor in their first sectional game!  

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