Our Brand Is Sandra Bullock

Our Brand Is Sandra Bullock

By Sydney Rogers

As always, award winning Sandra Bullock has knocked it out of the ballpark with another one of her outstanding performances. In the film Our Brand Is Crisis, a new drama/comedy, she plays the protagonist Jane Bodine, who is a coordinator for presidential campaigns.

Our_Brand_Is_Crisis_(2015_film)_POSTERAfter being retied for years, she is asked by a Bolivian presidential candidate, Castillo, for her services in helping him raise 28 points in the polls. Bodine is informed that her ultimate opponent, Candy, another American campaign coordinator, is working for the opposing candidate, Rivera, who is leading in the polls. In past years Candy has crushed her every time, so this time around Bodine was up for the challenge to win back her title. Faced with overwhelming odds, Bodine finds herself in a tough situation trying to pull Castillo from the ground up to win the election.

Throughout the film, Bodine begins to find out more about her self, and the fact that she may care more about the people than the politicians who are paying her. Bodine realizes that depending on what presidential candidate she upholds, there will be consequences and people will be affected.

Of course, Sandra Bullock pulls off some pretty comical scenes, but overall demonstrates a serious, firm role throughout the movie. Some scenes were tear jerking, others serious, and many comical at times, but overall this film was a perfect portrayal of the brutal reality of campaigning for a presidential election. It lets the viewer take a glimpse into the harsh life of campaigning and how careless politicians can truly be. Sadly, this serious content is very relative to today’s world

Images: https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/sandra-bullock-our-brand.jpg?w=670&h=377&crop=1, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Brand_Is_Crisis_(2015_film)

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