The Voice of U, for U

The Voice of U, for U

Who Are We?

The U Post is the student-run digital news-magazine of University High School of Indiana; the voice of U, for U. We strive to inform, entertain, and uplift the University community through multimedia storytelling across platforms, providing a forum for student content, community voices, and open dialogue.

Join The U Post

As The Voice of U, The U Post is open to any and all University High School students, faculty, and community members. Meetings take place once at the start of each month to brainstorm, plan, and schedule pieces for the upcoming month, and each meeting will be announced to the school. Outside of these meetings, our door is always open. Ideas, feedback, and content are always welcome, and you can contact us at

Corrections Policy

The U Post is a student-run online news-magazine at University High School of Indiana and is editorially independent from the school. As part of our hope and commitment to foster effective, accurate, and significant communication and journalism within the UHS community, The U Post maintains a policy of not removing content from this site and its archives.

In the case of a factual error, content will be corrected and updated with an editor’s note, but we will not remove pieces. If you feel there is a factual error regarding a piece on this site, please contact us at

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