The New UHS Cheer Team

The New UHS Cheer Team

By Abby Thomas

This year, the cheer team at University has been transformed from a caterpillar into a butterfly, almost as incredible as Derek Thomas, filled to the brim with spirit and perseverance. Our fearless leader Jamie Owens coaches the team with manager Kali Mayer as his second in command. The squad consists of 14 girls who are split into JV and Varsity. So far this year, Kali and Jamie have helped us revamp the schools fight song, helped provide extra support for the seniors, and just created a positive vibe for the team to feed off of. We also hope to get more involved with the incredible pep band this year in order to get the crowd more involved. It was made clear to this year’s cheerleaders that it is our job to provide an atmosphere at games and on game days for the players in which they feel supported and encouraged to play a great game.

At practice, the girls are working on learning the cheers of previous years, as well as learning some new ones to get the crowd fired up. Towards the beginning of the cheer season we had each of the cheerleaders share some of their goals for the team, and many said, “to work on performing stunts and gymnastics out on the court.” The girls have been working very hard at practice in order to try new stunts, and even learn how to cartwheel. Contrary to popular belief, Jamie Owens has made a wonderful addition to the cheer team. He has brought our upcoming stunts into perspective with his mind-blowing photography skills and has some very innovative hidden dance moves. In addition to Jamie, Kali has been the heart and soul of our team. She provides professional cheer expertise and makes sure to push us to our limits. Together, Jamie and Kali are leading the cheerleaders to success.

I am varsity co-captain this year along side the wonderful Abby Fitzwater, and both of us have confidence in the amazing squad we are leading. It has been a great opportunity for me to see how much all the girls support each other and want to work hard to make this a great season. Being co-captain has allowed me to show my fellow cheerleaders the confidence they can show on and off the court, and how they can have an impact on University. I am proud to be a part of this year’s University High School cheer team, and all the girls are proud to be part of it. We have a magnificent group of girls this year who can’t wait to show UHS what they are made of. Stay tuned for more surprises to come.

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