December Playlist

December Playlist

By Lily Jervis

Kaleo- All The Pretty Girls: 

This is a song that you can listen to on repeat and it will still give you the same feeling as the first time you listened to it. The calm acoustic beginning builds into a slightly more intense ending, which keeps the piece interesting throughout. The music video is also really fun and makes you want to just hang out and have adventures with the people in it.


Boy and Bear- End of the Line:

This is one of my favorite songs off of the album Harlequin Dream; it has banjo in it, so you basically have to like it. Boy and Bear are extremely folksy, but even if you aren’t into folk music, this song is really upbeat and good to dance to.


BØRNS- Electric Love: 

Spotify kept telling me to check out BØRNS, so I did, and I absolutely love him. This song is especially fun to dance to, and the music video is really neat and artsy. If you like this song I would definitely recommend listening to his other stuff because it’s literally all good.


Seafret- Oceans

This song is really sad, especially when paired with the music video, but it’s still a really good, calming song to listen to. The emotion is really apparent in the singer’s voice, which makes the song even more poignant, but also makes the song better in my opinion.


Naked Eyes- Always Something There to Remind Me

I absolutely love 80’s music and this song is basically the definition of 80’s music; also, it’s in the movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, which is an amazing movie. The fact that there’s a drum machine in this song should be reason enough for you to listen to it.


Boy and Bear- Southern Sun

The music video for this song is really cool because they’re just playing instruments in the middle of nowhere. Also, almost every guy in Boy and Bear has amazing facial hair, so that’s definitely a plus. I love this song because it starts out really chill, but then develops into this catchy, upbeat hook, and it’s super fun to sing along to.


BØRNS- 10,000 Emerald Pools

Like I said earlier, BØRNS is an amazing artist and all of his songs are excellent. I especially like this one because the song sort of sounds like it’s underwater, which is basically the whole theme of the song/music video. This song is also calming to listen to and it’s a really good song to put on in the background while you’re doing homework or going to sleep.


Youth Lagoon- 17

My best friend put this on a playlist for me when I turned 17 earlier this year and the message of this song is a really sweet one. The sound of this song is cool and faded, which makes it fun to listen and dance to.


SoKo- Happy Hippie Birthday

This song is super sad, but SoKo’s voice really works with the lyrics, and you can tell that she has actually experienced what she’s singing about. This can get stuck in your head easily, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s soft and mellifluous.


Cícero- Vagalumes Cegos

Here’s another Portuguese song for you because I love Portuguese music. This song is nice and chill, but also has some neat-sounding electric guitar during the instrumental break. My favorite line from this is “E morrer de rir.” This roughly translates to “and we’ll die laughing,” which is a sweet thing to say, especially in a love song.


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