Detroit City Never Left

Detroit City Never Left

By Molly Risk

For so many years, Detroit has been known as the biggest downfall city in America. The city that was once a hustling and bustling place with over 2 million people now holds less than a million residents. People say that it is a city that’s done for, a city with no more potential.

However, this isn’t true. These statements and accusations are often made from reporters and outsiders that have never even stepped into the city of Detroit. Detroit has been around for years and years, and has never once shut down. There has been a distinct decline in population, but the soul of the city has always been there, and remains there today.

For the people living in the city, to suggest it is destitute is an insult. Imagine if you had lived in Detroit all your life, and the outside press calls it a “Pompeii” or “a destroyed city with no hope.” How would you feel? It’s a feeling of being pushed aside, as if your story, or Detroit’s story, has no importance at all. Saying such disregards every part of Detroit’s history and future.

It’s true that in the past years Detroit has struggled, but they should not be considered something that needs to be taken over and made new and fresh. Detroit has room for improvement, like any city. Recently, the creative scene in Detroit has expanded. A young generation has moved into Detroit, viewing it as a cool city with both old and new aspects. Saying that Detroit has left shows how many people don’t realize or understand what the city is actually like.  Despite the abandoned buildings and vacant lots, there are businesses, restaurants, and apartments, new and old. Large corporate developers are moving into the city again to help create economic prosperity.  

The city is growing again in population, and if you would go there even once you would realize how different the city is compared to what people make it out to be. Detroit is a city of history and the present, and that shouldn’t be disregarded. Detroit has never left.


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