Athlete of the Week: Ajay Wooden

Athlete of the Week: Ajay Wooden

By Jay Maturi

Ajay Wooden is currently a senior here at UHS. Playing on the varsity basketball team, he trains year-round for this winter sport. Ajay was able to take some time to answer some questions about his basketball career.

How long have you been playing basketball?

I have been playing basketball since 2nd grade.

Have you played for all 4 years at University?

Yes, I played on C-team freshman year, junior varsity sophomore year, and varsity junior and senior year.

What has been your favorite memory on the basketball team since your time at University?

My favorite memory on the basketball team was beating Howe and winning the tournament at Vincennes this year.

Who’s your favorite current NBA player?

My favorite player is LeBron James.

Favorite Hall of Famer?

My favorite Hall of Famer is “Magic” Johnson.

Best shoe brand?

I believe the best shoe brand is Jordan.

Do you have a pre-game pump up song?

I don’t have a favorite pre-game pump up song in particular, but I usually listen to many artists such as, J. Cole, Future, Drake, Big Sean or Bryson Tiller.

Favorite post-game dinner?

My favorite post-game dinner is most likely Applebee’s.

How does it feel being one of three seniors on the varsity team?

Being one of the three seniors on varsity puts me in a leadership role on the team that I have never been in before. It has been something for me to get used to, but it has taught me to be more vocal than I usually am.

What’s your goal for this season?

My goal for the season, which I’m sure is the same for the rest of the team as well, is to make it to State. With that, I’m sure we will have to beat Tindley, which is a game that the team and I are definitely looking forward to.

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