February Playlist

February Playlist

By Lily Jervis

Father John Misty- Chateau Lobby #4

This is arguably my favorite song off of Father John Misty’s album I Love You Honeybear, mainly because of how catchy it is. The whole album is great, but this song is absolutely the best; you should give it a listen.

Barry White- Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby

This song is pretty lame, but it’s also a key romantic song (it’s in the movie Down to You with Freddie Prinze Jr.). Plus, it has cowbell, which makes for an amazing backbeat that’s fun to dance to. (And we could always use more cowbell.)

The Strokes- 12:51

I absolutely love The Strokes and this song is no exception. It can tend to be a little repetitive, but that’s not a bad thing when the song is as good as this one. This song has pretty cute lyrics as well, and is a good song if you’re looking for more alternative music.

Lucius- Something About You

This is one of the three songs that Lucius has released from their upcoming album. All three are amazing, but this one is on this list because it has pretty cute lyrics that are appropriate for Valentine’s Day; it’s also a great catchy song. Everything Lucius does is amazing and I’ve already pre-ordered their new album, so clearly they’re pretty good.

Toto- Africa

If you know me at all, you know how much I love Toto. That being said, this song could probably be interpreted in a romantic way, but honestly I just love this song. If you like 80’s music, this is definitely the song for you.

Redbone- Come And Get Your Love

This song was on the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, but is originally from the 70’s (and you can definitely tell). This is another song that’s great to dance to and gets stuck in your head pretty easily, in a good way.

Hozier- From Eden

You may have heard this song on the radio because they’ve finally stopped playing “Take Me To Church” and are playing some of Hozier’s other music. The music video for this is also super cool and cute and the song is on par with all of Hozier’s other songs in terms of catchiness; give it a listen, it’s great.

Chicago- Hard To Say I’m Sorry

Chicago is the band to go to if you need a good power ballad, which I personally always do, and “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” is no exception. Chicago is amazing on their own, but this song is a really catchy fun song to listen to no matter who’s singing it.

America- Sister Golden Hair

This is a classic 70’s song because I’m a sucker for 70’s music. America is one of the best 70’s bands out there (up there with the Eagles and CCR). All of America’s songs are good, but this one most fit the theme of “love;” I suggest you listen to all of their music ASAP.

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