Review: Eddie The Eagle Inspires

Review: Eddie The Eagle Inspires

By Sydney Rogers

Everyone loves a great underdog, but you have never seen one like Eddie Edwards, played by Taron Egerton. Eddie the Eagle is an inspiring true story about a extremely focused man who was determined to go to the Olympics someway, somehow, at any cost. 635853878061491616-XXX-DF-01693-R-78205714As anyone would, many people laughed at the thought of some amateur, un-athletic, crazy man wanting to go to the Olympics when he had no skill or experience to do so. Eddie struggled, practically all of his life, on trying to discover which sport he could make it big in to allow him to go to the Olympics. As everyone knows, true Olympians practice their sport for most of their lives in order to be good enough to make it to the Olympics, but not Eddie.

Finally he discovered that he wanted to become a ski jumper, which is one of the most dangerous winter sports. After numerous failed attempts and becoming a laughing stock compared to the real professional ski jumpers, Eddie perseveres even with all of the negative attention he gets. One of the people who noticed his lack of skill was Bronson Peary, an at first not-so-friendly man who went to the Olympics for ski jumping back in his day. With his help, Eddie learns the art and technique of ski jumping. After Eddie accomplishes the requirements to make it to the Olympics, the British Olympic Association changes the rules so that Eddie cannot fulfill his dream. This movie shows the struggle of how Eddie tries to fight against the British board, along with all of the people who said he would never make it.

You will see how heartbreaking it was to see how poorly Eddie was treated throughout his experience of making it to the Olympics. Eddie the Eagle demonstrates a perfect role model for the cliché but true saying that when people say you can’t do something, prove them wrong.


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