Athlete of the Week: Isabelle Shevitz

Athlete of the Week: Isabelle Shevitz

By Jay Maturi

Isabelle Shevitz is the only senior on the UHS Swim Team. As a team captain and a leader for the girl’s swim team, she was able to take some time out of her day to answer some questions about her time in the pool.

How long have you been swimming competitively?

Just two years, since the swim team started.

How was the time commitment?

Well, it was a 15-minute drive there. Then, we’d have to actually get ready for practice. Then, practice was an hour and half long- so it was a big time commitment.

How was your experience being the only senior on the team?

It’s kind of like I had to take more of a leadership role in the team; I was the team captain this year, and then there were two boy team captains. My favorite part was getting to know the underclassmen.

What events did you swim?

A bunch of relays, 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 50m freestyle.

What was your favorite?

Probably the 50m freestyle.

What was your favorite experience on the swim team, this year or throughout your time on the team?

Probably when we met together as a team at Brody’s house, we had parties and good bonding experiences.

Any pre-game warm-up routines?

Probably just listening to music.

What was you favorite song?

Oh….it was Black Widow. I’d listen to that with Mahi sometimes.

After a 4 hour swim meet in the afternoon, did you guys ever go out as a group for food?

Yeah, sometimes as a team, we would all go get ice cream at Culvers. Usually, after a meet, I’d eat pasta…just because of the carbs.

Did you have a good overall experience during your time on the UHS swim team?

Oh yeah, yeah definitely.


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