Spring Break Playlist 2016

Spring Break Playlist 2016

By Lily Jervis

Let’s Hear It For The Boy- Deniece Williams

This song is super upbeat and fun. It was in the movie Footloose, so obviously it’s a great song for dancing. It has also appeared in a ton of great shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If you know me, you know I love most (all) 80s music, and this is no exception.

My Heart Got Caught On Your Sleeve- Lucius

Lucius’ album Good Grief was released recently, and you’ll notice that there are three of their songs on this list because I love this album & can’t stop listening to it. This song is really cool and has really good harmonies, which is what Lucius is known for. This is a really cool catchy song and my personal favorite off of the new album, so you should give it a listen.

Ophelia- The Lumineers

The Lumineers are most famous for their song “Ho Hey,” which I know I’ve heard way too many times, but this song is a single from their upcoming album and has a similarly interesting and cool sound. I like this song because the lyrics reference the character of Ophelia from “Hamlet.” Even if you aren’t a literature or theater nerd, this song is still fun and will definitely get stuck in your head.

Got My Mind Set On You- George Harrison

This song is a classic, and George Harrison is known for making pretty good music typically. It’s definitely a lot different than The Beatles, but this song is still really cool and cute. The sound of this song outlines how much Harrison’s music changed through the different decades, and you can really tell that this was produced in the 80s.

Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain- Lucius

Although I like all of the songs on Lucius’ new album, this is another one of my favorites. This is much more upbeat than the previous Lucius song on this list, and is definitely a song to dance to. This song is all about rain obviously, and it’ll probably be raining a lot in the coming months, which means that this song is perfect for this playlist.  

Simple Song- The Shins

I like this song so much that I thought that I had already put it on a previous playlist. This song and music video are both really funny and cute, and this is another song that I listened to constantly for about a week. The Shins generally produce really catchy and mellow music, and this song is a good one to listen to when you’re just hanging out, aka perfect for spring break.

Kodachrome- Paul Simon

I love Paul Simon’s solo music, as well as Simon and Garfunkel. Similar to George Harrison, Paul Simon’s sound evolved throughout the decades, and even though this was extremely early in Simon’s solo career, it has a much different sound than his previous work with Garfunkel. This song is really fun and I used to listen to it as a kid. so I think that it’s an amazing song.

You Were On My Mind- Lucius

This is actually not an original song; it’s a cover of the We Five song, released in 1965. This song definitely has a 60s sound, and when combined with the cool harmonies that Lucius provides, the song becomes even better.

Whoomp There It Is- Tag Team

This song is honestly really dorky, but 90’s hip hop was mostly dorky, and that’s most of the reason that I love it. This song is pretty catchy and even if it’s not the coolest song, it’s fun to sing along to anyway.

Vienna- Billy Joel

I love this song even though it’s super sad; if you’re looking for music to dance to this spring break, this definitely isn’t it. But even though this song is sad, it’s still really good and one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. This song is a little bit of a bummer, but it also has a really good sound and has an important message about growing up too fast.

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