Why Donald Trump Appeals To Voters

Why Donald Trump Appeals To Voters

By Jay Maturi

On June 16th, 2015, politician and TV personality Donald Trump announced the start of his 2016 run for the United States presidency. Throughout his campaign, many have repeatedly criticized and questioned the tactics that Trump has used. His policies towards women, immigrants, and foreigners have appalled thousands across the nation. How has he been able to sway the public into leading the race for the most delegates to win the Republican nomination? Why does he appeal to voters?

He will “Make American Great Again.” 

It’s as simple as that. Trump promises to bid adieu the socio-economic issues that the typical American person faces everyday. After the initial polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, it was found that he won over 50% of the voters that make less than $50,000. Trump is appealing to those who want change. With his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” he promises reforms that benefit Americans. However, his policies include the exclusion of Latinos and Muslims from America to provide job opportunities to “true Americans.” By heavily segregating the population, he is turning his back on the American ideals that were established 240 years ago.

He speaks his mind.

Throughout the multiple GOP debates, Donald Trump has verbally attacked other nominees with harsh criticism. While other presidential nominees are not necessarily authentic due to their rehearsed speech, Donald Trump unhesitatingly speaks his mind. For example, during the beginning stages of the GOP debates, Marco Rubio simply repeated and recited his prepared talking points. However, Donald Trump effectively attacked the weak points of his fellow candidates and doesn’t follow the direction of special interests groups (or even the Republican Party).

He is “protecting” Americans.

Trump has laid out a plan to ban Muslim-American entry into the USA in an attempt to ensure the safety of the American people. By appealing to the belief that Americans are unsafe in their own homes and providing a solution to “protect” them, Trump is able to win voters. Also, his ideas to heavily increase mosque surveillance and form a Muslim-American database have motivated his radical supporters.

Trump has also promoted a strong stance toward the use of nuclear arms. However, after questioning by Hugh Hewitt, Trump was unable to articulate the major keys of a nuclear triad (nuclear attacks using airplanes, using missiles launched from silos from the ground and from our nuclear subs). Instead, he merely stated that we need someone trustworthy in power to control our arms. While it’s not clear that he understands the issues at hand, his strong promotion of American power inspires voters.


Trump’s campaign to “make America great” is winning voters over in droves. However, one wonders whether a proper plan to effect change lies behind his emotionally compelling slogans.

Image: http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/blogs/the_slatest/2015/07/30/donald_trump_revelations_media_vetting_is_so_far_not_eroding_his_support/482327612-republican-presidential-candidate-donald-trump-gives.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2.jpg

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