7 Billion And One

7 Billion And One

By Emily Gardner

There are 7 billion and one versions of the world- one for every human mind, a unique definition for every ray of light reflected to a different eye; the same sound wave, heard 7 billion different ways. Your sadness, happiness, and anger are each an arbitrary classification of something that creates dimension within your world. Your scale of pain is entirely individual based on your nerve endings and sentiments. What is felt by one may never be truly related between two spheres of bias.

But where, in all of this, do we find human contact, human communication? Where do we find solace in a world in which we are truly alone?

Yet, don’t you understand me? The voice inside your head reads every jumbled letter of this “language” with a different connotation, every word with it’s own subliminal definition. Think of the time that the boy in the third grade vomited on your shoes, and now the word “vomit” makes you think of his missing teeth and how your blue vans smelled of sour tomatoes for a year. And how my words mean different things and are read in different voices than my own. Consider the pitch range from every angle, every nerve, every brain, every atom that didn’t quite react with another, every blood cell that fought off a cold. We can find every enzyme with yahooanswers.com and a Google search of the periodic table.

25 years ago you would have gone to the library.

They say the world moves faster than before, because we know so much. Because of the Internet. Because Childish Gambino said it one time and, “Oh, it all makes sense now.” Perhaps I shouldn’t be able to know all about your cat and my middle school friend’s new house with the click of a button. It should take me longer to figure out whether or not geese have teeth. A fast world is moving faster still, social evolution now includes computers. We have seen thousands of different worlds, but it all seems to still be one. And we think that we are somehow all the same, and that there is only one; there is only the real. Because we all see fireworks when we rub our eyes in the dark, and we all read with that little voice in our head. Conditioned by culture and stereotype and elementary school teachers. But it is all controlled by trust, communication, breaking barriers to normalize the human experience. Because you are influenced by media, our world is one of generalizations. We begin to lose sight of our many worlds and focus on one, the “real” world. In the real world, we are seen, simply onlookers, knowing all and judging none. So I encourage you to consider every communication you make, and possible difficulties they have. Consider bias in your charisma and watch what you see when you listen. Tune in to the world of the onlooker, observing all, judging none in your character and soul.

Image: http://solarviews.com/raw/earth/bluemarblewest.jpg

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