Climbing New Mountains

Climbing New Mountains

By Molly Risk

Jeannie Sager is the Director of Advancement in the fundraising department at University. To me, she is much more than that. She is my mentor, my break in the day, my dose of reality when I need it, and someone to hug unconditionally. She is the type of person who you can go up to and just tell her anything, and know that she will listen. She is someone who will you help when you need it, and will always be there for you.

Jeannie has worked at the school for 11 years. As stated in Chuck Webster’s recent email, the school has brought in about 30 million dollars under her watch. Recently, Jeannie accepted a position as the Director of Major Gifts and Regional Advancement at Methodist Health Foundation. When I interviewed Jeannie, she mentioned how excited she is for her new job, yet there are many things she will miss about University. “I am going to really miss the community and the faculty here at University. I have never been somewhere with as great of a faculty as we have at University,” says Sager.

At a recent mentoring meeting, Jeannie and I were talking about Mr. Bradley’s recent legacy speech. During his speech, he spoke of monumental moments in one’s life that lead up to something else, using mountains as a metaphor for those moments. Jeannie was telling me how University was a monumental step in her career path, and her new job is a new mountain in her life. I found what both Mr. Bradley and Jeannie were saying to be profound- they both discussed that moving into the unknown is okay, and that there will always be mountains in your life that you have to climb to get to the next mountain.  Each experience starts with one mountain, and that one prepares you for the next, and the next one after that.

University High School will be losing someone in their faculty who brought in not only some of the most effective fundraising that the school has ever seen, but is also one of the most amazing people. From her kind-hearted spirit and quick smile to her efficient and effective ways of fundraising for the school, Jeannie is one of the best people to have around, and a personal favorite of mine. Although her skills are being called to somewhere new, she has established a path for the fundraising department that will catapult University into a new future of fundraising and advancement. I hope she has an amazing journey climbing her new mountain, and that she never forgets her past journey here at UHS. Now we all have our own mountain to climb as we attempt to fill her shoes.

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