Advice From The Class of 2016

Advice From The Class of 2016

By Sydney Tomlinson 

Below is a compilation from advice from the Class of 2016 to their peers, underclassmen, and incoming Blazers. Check it out for a few words of wisdom from your senior class to you.

“Finish strong, and don’t succumb to senioritis. If you start slipping too far, it’s sooooo much harder to get yourself back up to speed than to just do what you needed to all along.”

“Be nice and you’ll slide by.”

“If you have an opportunity to prevent the Russian mob from undermining the US government and reestablishing the USSR, take it.”

“On the last page of your test, write a lot of extra credit and award yourself points. 2/1000 times it works.”

“If a teacher is more than 5 minutes late, I think it’s fair to call class off and walk out. Worked for me.”

“1. Don’t procrastinate
2. Have fun,because the time may seem long(4 years) but it goes by quickly so always take the opportunities that present themselves.
3. Don’t procrastinate”

“Be okay with making mistakes. Mistakes and flaws are apart of you and how we all learn.”

“Don’t take high school too seriously, because it is just one phase of your life and it doesn’t define you forever. Just have fun and don’t be a jerk.”


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