Athlete of the Week: Jacob Benson

Athlete of the Week: Jacob Benson

By Jay Maturi

When did you start playing soccer?

I started playing in first grade in England.

What’s the worse injury you’ve ever had?

I separated my AC joint (shoulder).

And how long were you out?

I wasn’t out. The coach kept me in the whole game, and I did physical therapy while training.

What position do you primarily play?

Center mid.

If you couldn’t play soccer, what sport would you play?

I would definitely be a competitive, underwater basket-weaver.

Favorite drink during a game?

Cotton candy Gatorade powder. For sure.

You’re now a captain now on the soccer team. What difference does it make now that you’re a captain and that you wear a captain band when you play?

It doesn’t really make a difference. Like, if I want to lead the team, then I’ll lead the team. The captain band is just a band, just an accessory.

(Patrick Naremore added, “Well it sure doesn’t help him score.”)

Favorite brand of cleats?

New Balance. New Balance cleats and a good old Nike ball.

How many tries does it take for you to flip a water bottle?

A lot.

What are your hopes for the end of the season.

To keep playing for a while you know…

Not a sectional win? Or a regional win?

Nah, just to keep playin’ for a while.

Favorite part about being on the soccer team at UHS?

Definitely not Tyler Wott.

What are you gonna miss the most?

Probably seeing all your shining faces out there each day.

Favorite professional team?

I’m gonna go with the San Jose Earthquakes. Don’t ask me to name any players on that team, but I’m sure they’re good.

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