Athlete of the Week: Lindsey Syrek

Athlete of the Week: Lindsey Syrek

By Livi Nichols

University High School’s third Syrek is making her mark on the girls’ basketball team. The 6’2” forward is a freshman that came from Creekside Middle School, with an exciting season ahead of her.

Can you explain your position for someone who wouldn’t know?

It’s kind of like, I can play both outside and inside the post. Because if we have three bigs, and I’ll be the one that goes out on the wing, and then if I’m either the only big, or one of two bigs, then I’ll be in the post most times.

In even simpler terms, for someone who doesn’t know basketball, what would you say your job is on the court?

Lindsey: I’m the one who’s really close to the basket and I get layups a lot, hahaha.

Awesome, so how long have you been playing?

I’ve played [on recreational teams] since kindergarten, and competitively since fourth grade.

Growing up with Grant [Sr. UHS boys basketball player] did it ever motivate you play extra hard against your older brother?

Yeah, I guess, but it was also mainly my Dad because he’s a basketball junkie! He’s the one that got me into it, and from there it just kind of took off.

So the win against Brebeuf Jesuit High School was a really big deal, the first time in school history that we’ve ever beaten one of their teams. How did you feel, going in as a freshman, and with it being such a big game? Were you nervous?

I mean, yeah, it was one of our bigger rival schools, so I would have been nervous anyway. But it was mainly about, how can I help the team get the victory and how can I play my part in this game. In the first couple games I’ve been really trying to figure out my role, but overall-I’m focusing on how I can make the team better as a whole.

So the final score was 49-37 and you had 23 points, what did you really have to focus and work hard on for this game specifically?

Well they actually had some post players that were pretty big, and pretty good, so my defense had to be on, and I had to stay out of foul trouble which didn’t exactly happen [laughs] but my focus going in was to make sure I shut down their defense, while also personally playing mine.

This win had to be pretty exciting, what was it like beating this team? How did you feel?

We were all pretty hyped up, especially since it was the first time in school history that we’ve ever beaten them, so it was a pretty fun bus ride back!

The girls team will take on Muncie Burris at Muncie Burris tomorrow, December 8th at 7pm. With a record of 6-1 so far, the girl’s basketball season looks to have a bright future ahead of them.


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