Athlete of the Week: Josh Alford

Athlete of the Week: Josh Alford

By Grace Rozembajgier

Senior Josh Alford recently committed to Franklin College to play basketball. With Senior Night coming up, Josh talked about his experience at University and his future at Franklin.

What was the basketball recruiting process like for you?

I mean, it really started toward the end of last year. Franklin was the first to send me a[n acceptance] letter.…I had visited three or four other schools, but my grandpa went to Franklin back in the sixties so they’ve always been close. I’ve always kinda thought about going there, and then when basketball came into the equation, I pretty much decided I was going to go there.

How did you manage it with your college applications?

The five schools I applied to were all schools I had looked at for basketball. So I got into all five of those. I went on a visit to my top three [schools] and I just liked Franklin more than any of the other ones.

What was the main reason you chose Franklin? Any deciding factors?

I think for me it was more that I’ll be able to play a lot there as opposed to some of the other places I would have to wait two years to play.

Will you continue to play as a forward at Franklin?

Probably something like that, probably more of a guard. That’s what they were looking for me at least, to handle the ball as more of a shooting guard or small forward.

Has playing college ball always been a dream of yours?

Yeah, for sure.

What are you most looking forward to about playing basketball at Franklin?

A lot of it is [that] my grandpa has a lot of records set there that I want to definitely go and try to break. Obviously that’s going to be hard but I’m really looking forward to it.

What are your thoughts about senior night tomorrow? Do you think it will be an emotional game for the team?                 

Yeah. At least for me. Definitely for our other two seniors, [Ben Glazier and Tyler Wott] because they’ve been here for four years. I’ve only been here for two, but I’ve got weird feelings about it already. It’s going to be a little emotional.

How has your experience at University, both on and off the court, prepared you for your college experience?

 I definitely wouldn’t have been ready for college if I had stayed at Carmel. During my first two years at Carmel, I was way different than I am now. After coming here, I was just held to a higher standard, both academically and athletically, and that made me push myself harder, both in the classroom and on the court.                   


 The boys will face Lebanon tonight at home at 7:30 PM as part of Senior Night to Varsity team’s 3 seniors: Josh Alford, Ben Glazier, and Tyler Wott.     

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