A Thank You From Your Editor

A Thank You From Your Editor

By Sydney Tomlinson

The U Post has played an integral role in my high school experience. Being a part of this truly student-run space for the past three years has shaped me in countless ways; so much so that I will be pursuing a journalism degree when I head off to college in the fall. But more than the work and the writing, it’s the responses of this community that have impacted me the most.

As with all clubs and extracurriculars at our school, The U Post is much more relaxed— and, in turn, at times chaotic— than its counterparts at most high schools. But we all know that University is not your average school, and if my time with The U Post has taught me anything, it’s that that is a much bigger blessing than we often realize.

When I took on the role of Editor-in-Chief two years ago, I wanted to expand the site into a wider digital space, one that reached across multiple platforms to connect our community in greater ways. I quickly learned that motivating and organizing high school students to write anything outside of class is no easy task; but in the end, you always came through. Time and time again you shared your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences with all of us through your writing, photography, art, and more. Whether in a Humans of University photo, a 4000-word movie review, or a personal reflection, your willingness to be open and honest with all of us has kept this space alive and thriving. So thank you.

Thank you for your contribution and dedication to The U Post, because it could not exist without you. Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing. Thank you for respecting and valuing the work of your fellow Trailblazers. Thank you for supporting everyone who plays a part in growing and maintaining this space, myself included; it means more than you know.

The unique community we have at UHS allows each and every student to truly blaze their own trail, if you will. I know that’s corny, but stay with me. We’ve all had opportunities that would be unthinkable at most other schools, from taking incredible January Term trips to starting a lacrosse team, running your own club, single-handedly planning awesome school dances, or starring in your first and last school musical as a senior. For me, The U Post has been that niche; a place that’s allowed me to grow significantly not only as a student, but also as a writer, leader, and person.

Now, with graduation only days away, The U Post is being passed down to a new group of editors and leaders. I’m excited to see this space continue to grow and evolve as future Blazers take the reins and make it their own. I have so much confidence in your new leaders and what you can all do together, and I wish you the best of luck.

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