Boys Basketball Sectionals 2018

Boys Basketball Sectionals 2018

By Regan Hooker

This weekend the University boys basketball team played and beat both the International School and Indianapolis Metropolitan to claim the sectional title.

On Friday night, the team beat International 45-36. Amazing plays were made by sophomore Max Greenamoyer, who after just a few minutes managed to score two 3-pointers! More great plays were made by sophomore Sam Mervis who went 6 for 6 on his free throws.

Not only did the basketball players do well, but the cheerleaders showed off their best pyramid yet! Tom Plant also introduced a new instrument to the iconic pep bad. The instrument has yet to be named, but it consists of two wooden rods, one side with a small ball taped to the end and the other with an analog clock. When the two are hit together it creates a quaint clang. There are two extensions built off the rods, one holding a harmonica and one holding a Thomas the Train train whistle.

On Saturday night, the boys played in the championship game, beating Indianapolis Metropolitan 44-41. There was quite a good turnout for the fan section with more than 20 students! The University section dominated in numbers with many alum, parents, and faculty showing up to support. The game was a close 35-35 with 5:51 to go in the fourth quarter, and everyone was on the tip of their toes hoping for University to pull up a lead. In the last few seconds, free throw shots made by David Howard brought the score back up on the Trailblazers’ side. University secured their victory as the buzzer went off and everyone stormed onto the court. Tears were shed and hugs were given, University had won.

Catch University playing in their next game at 12 pm on March 10 against Morristown at Martinsville High School!

Photo courtesy of Jamie Owens

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