A “Wax Museum” Brings Spanish 4 Class to Life

A “Wax Museum” Brings Spanish 4 Class to Life

By Olivia Hakes

In new teacher Mercedes Peredo’s Spanish 4 classes, students participated in a project that “came to life.” Students in these classes did extensive research on a celebrity with Hispanic heritage, and then brought them to life in a wax museum or “museo de cera.” They either created a model of their person of choice or dressed up as them on presentation day.

Maya Marks-Strauss says, “The costumes [and models] of everyone helped understand who the person was and gave a small sense of what their personality was going to be like.”

As students put themselves in their celebrity’s shoes for a class period, those from Spanish 2 classes visited and listened to their stories.

The Spanish 4 classes had to not only include basic information about their chosen celebrity, but also discuss how they have helped integrate Hispanic culture into America. Students chose people ranging from artists, actors, musicians, athletes, and even a Pope. These included musician Enrique Iglesias, the Pope Francis, actors from the cast of Jane the Virgin, artist Shakira, and many more.

Spanish 4 student Keegan Priest agrees that “it was a good experience to help expand my language skills and appreciation of Hispanic culture.”

This project specifically focused on University’s core value of creativity. Instead of making this a simple research project, Señora Peredo pushed students to learn and experience a small piece of Hispanic culture in a new, exciting way.

Image Courtesy of Olivia Hakes

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