Stewardship Update

Stewardship Update

by Mary Rozembajgier

We are only three months into school, yet Stewardship has accomplished major events and has even bigger plans for the future. After elections in mid-August, Stewardship representatives got right to work being the voice of the University community.

So far, Stewardship has planned the Fall Dance and the first ULearn of the year. The Fall Dance was a big success with over half the school attending. The dance was sponsored by the Parent’s Association, so all students had free admission. The Fall Dance always incorporates service, as it is important to organizers Grace Rozembajgier and Kenzie Allen. This year, money was raised for the organization luminAID, which helps bring light and electricity to Puerto Rico. Senior Stewardship representative Grace Rozembajgier said her favorite part of the fall dance is seeing everyone come together in the University community while giving back to the greater community.

Another wonderful accomplishment by Stewardship is the first ULearn of the year. A variety of ULearns were offered, from How to Train a Chicken to the Art of Snow Cones. Representative Grace Brenner says her favorite part about ULearn is “that students get to share their passion with their community.” Grace enjoys ULearn as “it really reflects the uniqueness that University is”. The upcoming ULearn in November will have 22 student-led ULearns. In fact, there was an overflow of student ideas, so there are already slots filled for the March ULearn!

While Stewardship has had great successes already this year, they are still looking towards the future. Some upcoming Stewardship events include Winter Formal and another Ulearn in November. Additionally, the Sustainability Group is working continue the Pollinator Garden project. Junior representative Ella Eskenzi says the Sustainability Group is not only focusing on the development of the Pollinator Garden, but also hoping to use the hydroponics and address plastic usage and compost. Ella hopes this group reinforces that we can help improve the global community simply by being sustainable and mindful of our footprint.

Meanwhile, the Outdoors Group is focusing on adding a swingset to University’s campus. Caine Ardayfio says the swingset will be installed in the upcoming weeks. This swingset was built by Mr. Crawley and used as a part of the Fall Play, Alice in Wonderland. The Outdoors Group is also working on restaining the outdoor classroom chairs. This is an activity students recently helped with last week, as they volunteered to restain the chairs!

The Facilities Group is also brainstorming possibilities for the upstairs library area. Senior representative Eilish Jasper states, “Once we finish (hopefully by second semester), we hope to have some more table/chair spaces for doing homework and some kind of charging apparatus that you can plug into while still using your device.” Eilish hopes this project will “make better use of the space and give people an organized place to hang out and study.” The Facilities Group is also planning a multitude of projects for after the library project, including new stools for the physics room, new couches for Andrews, and potentially bringing vending machines to Fairbanks.

Thanks to you, Stewardship is sizing up for a pretty busy year! If you have suggestions, email your class reps at stewardship(your graduation year) Also, Stewardship meets every Tuesday at lunch in Thurman’s room. If you have ideas, feel free to pop in then!

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