Dear Hank: Answers 1

Dear Hank: Answers 1

“Where Can I Find Out About The Clubs in UHS?”

Dear Clueless About Clubs,

Not to worry! Stewardship is working on getting information on all the clubs. If you have any questions regarding how to access that information, I recommend you ask your stewardship representatives.




“What are some of the Hottest Trends in UHS?”

Dear Trends in UHS,

Being respectful is in these days! Just kidding. Here are some of the trends I’ve observed lately: wearing sandals with socks and jeans, wearing fishnets under ripped jeans and skirts, wearing a blanket as a jacket, playing Fortnite at school, being on your phone during morning meeting, using Snapchat during class, watching Netflix during study hall, and randomly destroying school furniture, including whiteboards and couches.

Disclaimer: you shouldn’t be doing some of these things, especially if you’re being disrespectful to the school or to teachers. We do not condone all/any of the acts listed above; they are simply observations of student behavior.

(P.S. Being respectful is in; please do that instead of watching Netflix and using Snapchat all the time).




“I kind of like this guy, but I’m really shy and get nervous when I talk to him.

I do talk to him on a weekly basis, but it’s kind of awkward since he’s my peer tutor.

He recently broke up with his girlfriend, and I don’t know if he’s ready for a relationship. I 100% know he has no feelings for me whatsoever. What should I do???”

Dear Crushing on My Peer Tutor,

First, I would suggest asking yourself if this is something you would regret not acting on a few months or even a year from now.

Second, please acknowledge that he may be emotionally vulnerable after just coming out of a relationship. You may need to wait a bit longer before trying to initiate something.

Third, you will never know anything “100%” until you ask, so don’t lose hope!

(Disclaimer: Everything is 100% your choice! Please make you sure you feel safe, comfortable, and sane before doing anything!)




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