4 Albums Out Now That You Should Listen To

4 Albums Out Now That You Should Listen To

By Keegan Priest

Julia Jacklin


Break-up records aren’t uncommon. If anything you’ve heard this record a million times in different variations. But there’s something about Australian songwriter Julia Jacklin’s ability to lay herself down so vulnerably throughout every track of this album. In an interview with Dork magazine, Jacklin says “There are so many songs that you can hear that are all about being broken up with or wanting someone back, or telling someone to go away. I just found myself struggling to find songs that talked about how, maybe, if you ended the relationship then you don’t get much sympathy or understanding because people just assume that you made the decision so you must be happy.”

Crushing is an effortless modge podge of folk and indie that demonstrates Jacklin’s skill to not only make a phenomenal rock record but to pull your heart strings for the 40 minutes duration of the album with its brutally honest portrayal of human heartbreak.

Best Songs:

Head Alone

Pressure To Party


Worst Song:




Little Simz


When interviewed by Beats 1, British rapper Little Simz spoke about the title of the record by saying: “It feels like a grey area – your twenties. The area where you’re figuring yourself and the world out while being so alone and confused- which is why I called the album that.” GREY Area paints confusion in a beautifully produced hip-hop album with highlights that show the potential Little Simz has as a lyricist and an artist. Although Simz’s discography might not have been the strongest in the past, after releasing a few lukewarm and uninspired projects similar to the content on the album, Little Simz has matured and is in an area of artistic and emotional uncertainty that makes this album so captivating. Through her catchy, bouncy energy infused with UK slang,  on “101 FM” to her melodic complexity and introspective lyricism on “Selfish,” Little Simz has shown her versatility and endless amounts of potential with GREY Area.

Best Songs:

101 FM


Worst Song:




Quiet Signs

Jessica Pratt


Psychedelic folk artist Jessica Pratt is a master of atmosphere. Quiet Signs is a world building, mind numbing experience with luscious vocals and reverb drench finger-picked guitars. Each track effortlessly blends with each other, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. While some may criticize Pratt’s newest effort for being the same or monotonous, that same monotony can also be perceived as the strongest quality for the record. Similar to Sufjan Steven’s Carrie & Lowell, Quiet Signs is a modern folk masterpiece that discusses themes of loneliness and morality that are sung with a beautiful but modest vocals. With obvious inspirations from Nick Drake, Quiet Signs is Jessica Pratt’s Pink Moon: a minimalist yet profound work that leans on it’s sole guitar to carry the album (with little but astonishing instrumental additions), but puts an emphasis on lyricism and sparse vocality.

Best Songs:

Here My Love

Fare Thee Well

Poly Blue

Worst Song:



When I Get Home



Three years after releasing arguably one the most important records of the 2010s, A Seat At The Table, Solange is back with a flawless fusion of neo-soul, R&B and avant-garde jazz with politically charged commentary both about the black experience and feminism. Whereas A Seat At The Table was Solange’s mature, reflective record that took minimal sonic risk and vocal runs, When I Get Home features catchier, hard hitting production that accompany Solange’s constantly intriguing singing on every track of the record. Accompanied with a stunning visual album Solange creates an experience like no other in the genre and continues to set the bar for what makes a perfect album experience.

Best Songs:

Stay Flo

Things I Imagine



Worst Song:

Sound of Rain


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