Student of the Week: Becky Williams

Student of the Week: Becky Williams

by Nerissa Finnen

Becky Williams is a sophomore on the varsity girls’ golf team. She kicked off this year’s season with a fantastic score of 1-over-par 72 ather 18-hole match at Elwood Golf Links. Because of the team’s combined effort, they secured first place in the championship for the second year in a row. Beyond golfing, Becky diversifies her interests with participation in other activities, such as orchestra where she is a bassist and Quidditch club, which she plans to start this spring. Within her busy schedule, she was able to arrange some spare time for a brief interview over her experiences on the golf team. 


What inspired you to start playing golf?

My sister started playing golf, and then I had to go to all of her lessons. Then I decided that if I had to come I might as well do it too. So, I started taking lessons as well. 


Do you have a favorite golfer?

My favorite golfers are Brookes Koepka and Nelly Korda. That’s a really hard question.


What are some of your best scores?

My best score on 9-holes is 3 under, and my best score for 18-holes is 1 under. 


Where were some of your best or favorite matches located?

The Legends was really fun, and it was kind of a hard golf course. We played at Deer Track and that was also pretty fun.


How do you feel about playing golf for University?

I think it is super fun, we have such a fun team, and we really enjoy ourselves. Obviously, we like to win but it is still really fun to practice and hang out with everyone.


The school year just started yet the team has already had an amazing match, how do you all feel about that?

It was really good, we have a really good team this year, and we should win a bunch more matches. I don’t really have much to say the team is really good!


Are you looking forward to the rest of the season?

Yes, I am, I’m so excited because I think this team can do really good things. We’ll just keep rolling, we’re starting well so we’ll keep it going. 


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