After Hours: Jake Thurman

After Hours: Jake Thurman


By Cordell Wilson & Regan Hooker

Originally exclusively published in the October 2018 print edition. 

We interviewed Jake Thurman for the first article in our brand new series, Teachers of University: After Hours.

First we asked Thurman, who has worked at the school for seven years, what makes a good school day?

“A good day at school would include equal parts accomplishing something in class. Getting–I guess having fun.” He went on to say, “A day that’s light-hearted but I actually accomplish something by the time I leave.”

When we asked Thurman about his favorite J-Term he heartily replied, “ I would actually say my favorite J-Term I’ve taught so far would be the first one cause it was with Mr. Bradley and Miss Northenscold.”

Thurman went on to say, “It actually showed me what J-Term is supposed to be like, because it’s a weird thing, J-Term, to conceive of like, how do I plan to teach a whole day about this one thing for a whole month? They just did a really good job. It helped me do the other ones better.”

Thurman said of teaching at University, “… the freedom to be trusted enough to follow things or pursue things that I’m passionate about and to get to share them with people I care about is like a fun thing about teaching here.”

Besides the infamous “Applebee’s” story, University knows little about little “teen” Jake. We asked about what his superlative would have been. 

Thurman hastily responded, “It would definitely have been least likely to become a teacher.” Laughing, Thurman went on to say, “I was a giant smart-ass. I was more interested in having a decent time rather than being serious about things I didn’t think were important.”

Speaking of teenagers, we asked Thurman what current teen trend he is most baffled by.

Thurman began to laugh again saying, “I honestly don’t get juuling.” 

“It just looks so dumb. Like it looks hilarious.” Thurman went on to say, “Like if Monty Python were to do a skit about what they thought 2018 would look like it would be people, like, smoking flash drives.”

“It’s not hilarious because it’s harmful,” Thurman says, “But it seems like satire of how people thought smoking looked cool.”

“It’s like ‘What looks even dumber than smoking that we could convince people looks cool? I know, have them suck on a flash drive, and then blow out giant clouds!’”.

We felt that we had to finally confirm or dispel the rumors circling the school about Thurman’s possible pursue of politics. 

Thurman was quick to dismiss this idea, “Never seriously, it’s always a joke… … I mean not too many people are into my brand of politics in this place where we live, but I guess I would say it has been 20% serious.” 

He went on to say, “I feel if it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to run for political office to be able to stand on the other side of a stage from a moron, to tell them that they are a moron, then that would be fun.”

“Seriously though, for something to do in my late 40’s, early fifties kinda thing.”

Now that we’ve heard his thoughts on juuling and running for president we left him with one last question: who should we interview next?

Thurman replied, “I think you should do Maggie Dean.” 

Keep your eye out for our next article and thanks for reading University: After Hours.


“After Hours” is the UPost’s inside look into the staff and faculty that University students love. 

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