After Hours: Madame Swann

After Hours: Madame Swann

By Cordell Wilson & Regan Hooker

Originally exclusively published in the May 2019 print edition. 

UHS’s French and ENL teacher since ‘02

Due to popular demand, we interviewed Shannon Swann for this edition of After Class. While sitting down and talking with Madame it became very clear that everyone should, at some point in their years at University, sit down and have a conversation with her. She was delightful to chat with, frequently divulging into stories from her young adult life and the events and people she came across along the way. 

Madame graduated from Purdue University where she studied world languages and political science. She also spent two of those years playing clarinet in the schools marching band. While getting her degree she spent one year abroad in Strasbourg, France. She has carried on this passion for travel throughout her life, most recently having gone to China! Madame’s adventurous personality has taken her all across the globe, including during some of her favorite J-terms. When asked about these courses and which were her favorite, she immediately brought up her Cajun country culture course, which she called “a magical experience”. She went into detail about how not only her students were learning about this fascinating culture, but about how she was too. 

When asked who inspired Madame in everyday life she responded, “People who don’t let obstacles stop them from pursuing what they believe in or find important.” She continues saying, “I try really hard to not be afraid or spend time thinking about how I wish things were.” It’s evident that we can all take Madames wise words and apply these to our own lives, to keep working towards your goals, instead of focusing on how things could be better. 

Madame spends her weekends cooking Blue Apron meals, catching up on Netflix shows, listening to books, and meeting friends for movies and dinner. She spends her summers in Cincinnati to grade AP tests, traveling as much as possible, and reorganizing in preparation for the next school year. 

Lastly, Madame had some books she recommends to UHS students. 

  • All The Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr 
  • The Warmth of Other Suns- Isabel Wilkerson 
  • A Gentleman in Moscow- Amor Towles 
  • White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America, Nancy Isenberg 
  • Do Not Say We Have Nothing, Madeleine Thien  

When asked who we should interview next, Madame listed Mr. Priest, Mrs. Krieble, Sr. Seldner, and Ms. Northenscold. Who do you think we should interview in the next edition of After Class? 


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