After Hours: Wes Priest

After Hours: Wes Priest

By Cordell Wilson and Regan Hooker

When one thinks of Wes Priest they immediately think of soccer, books, and Apple products. Although these things may play a huge role in Wes’s life, there are many other factors to what makes him an amazing teacher, coach, mentor, and friend. 

Wes has been teaching at University for 13 years now, making this is 25th year teaching overall. He began his teaching career at a Lawrence Township school, working one-on-one with a student who had cerebral palsy. This, as well as his long-time coaching career, pushed him to continue working as an educator at The Orchard School. 

When talking to Wes about his hometown, his face immediately lit up. He grew up in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, where he still chooses to live to this day. He enjoys his weekend nights going to restaurants in his neighborhood with friends and family. He even noted that some of his high school best friends owned some of these businesses. In addition to exploring foods, he also spends a lot of his free time listening to records of what he called “the most obscure stuff he could find”. 

During his summers, Wes coaches both the Butler women’s soccer team and University soccer, he also vacations frequently with his family. His plan for this upcoming summer is to travel to New York City with his family and ride in the 162-mile long Ride Across Indiana biking race. 

As many of UHS students know, Wes Priest is a huge reader. We asked him what books he’d recommend to students and he listed the following. “The best fantasy book of the last 25 years”, The Name of The Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss, and Monster, by Emil Ferris. He also wanted to recommend the film Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins. 

When asked what generation he would choose to live in if he could, Wes immediately exclaimed, “I would have liked to be a pioneer!” When asked why he went into how he’d love to have experienced  “the covered wagon…the whole thing”. This is due partly to how much he loves the American West. He even went as far as to call it his favorite place in the world. He noted that people often seek beauty in Europe, but “our country has so much to offer.” 

When asked who we should interview next, Wes responded “Jannie Kim.”

Till next edition,

Regan & Cordell

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