Student of the Week: Maya Callan

Student of the Week: Maya Callan

By Nerissa Finnen

Maya Callan is a singer and actress at University who participates in many of the musical programs provided by the school. She is in her senior year and working tremendously hard to juggle her college applications and perform in the plays. Recently, she worked in UHS’s production of The Abridged Works of William Shakespeare alongside several other Stageblazers. Between all of her assignments and extracurriculars, she was able to answer some questions about herself.

  1. What voice range are you (like tenor, soprano, etc.)? 

I’m a soprano in choir, though, my full vocal range is mezzo-soprano to soprano.

  1. What made you interested in learning how to sing?

I’ve always been a singer, but what really pushed me to do singing was growing up with a musically inclined family. My dad plays guitar, bass, and sings, and my mother liked to sing a lot when I was little. 

  1. How long have you been singing?

I’ve been singing since I could talk, but I’ve been singing in choirs since I was five or six/ I used to be a part of the ICC (Indianapolis Children’s Choir), and that was where I started. 

  1. What was your favorite piece to learn?

My favorite piece to learn with a choir was the song Take Me Home by Pentatonix my freshman year. In terms of solo music, my favorite song to learn was Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

  1. Do you participate in University’s music programs, and if so what are some of your favorite aspects about it?

I do! I’m in choir, obviously, and I do pep band. The part I liked about University’s music program is that anyone can be a part of it. You don’t have to have any prior classical training, or audition to get in. All you have to have is an interest in music, and the motivation to work hard and practice. 

  1. What other parts of music do you like (such as songwriting, production, etc.)?

A part of music I enjoy is creating harmonies. If I use them right, it can really add to an already good song. 

  1. What fuels you to continue honing your craft?

Improvement. I feel like there’s always going to be room to improve and become better and better. And that pushes me to work harder. 

  1. Who are some of your favorite artists?

Some of my favorite artists are Bishop Briggs, Bring me the Horizon, Lady Gaga, and Queen. 

  1. Is music recreational for you, or do you want to do something with it in your future?

For sure! I’m planning on going into animation, and when I do, I’ll definitely find a way to interweave it with music. 

  1. What are some of your other interests?

Other than Choir, I’m also a Stageblazer, and like I mentioned above, I’m planning to go into animation.


Image courtesy of Maya Callan

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