UHS: Totally Not a Cult

UHS: Totally Not a Cult

By Geri Mishra

Anyone who has not spent a day inside the walls of this great school, or who has not gone through the attention seminar known as the Freshman Retreat, would think that University High School is a cult. This is why they don’t spend another day inside these glorious walls.

The very suggestion of our great community being slightly cultish is completely based on fallacy driven by inferior rival schools, and anyone who even ponders this thought has no evidence to support it whatsoever. Sure, having twenty or so students carry a large knot up the stairs for a forced bonding moment may not be typical. And perhaps, even for a high school, it is odd how gossip spreads like wildfire. 

However, the daily school-wide meetings? That one-clap thing we somehow do in perfect unison? The camps for newcomers? The candle ceremonies in the woods at said camps?

These are all totally normal activities that any high school not in the middle of several cornfields and gated communities would have. Any rumors suggesting that this isn’t is purported by these inferior schools, as well as bad Trailblazers. 

And we all know what happens to bad Trailblazers.

So, next time you plan on making that comment to your friends about our morning meetings, consider  the consequences of your actions. Think: Would you like to B1 B4 you graduate? 

For this article, we requested an interview with any and every shadow we could get our hands on, but they all declined. 

Image curtesy of University High School

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