Student of the Week: Brooke Toombs

Student of the Week: Brooke Toombs

By Nerissa Finnen

Brooke Toombs is a junior who is very active in UHS’s girls soccer team and pep band. In her free time, she volunteers for non-profit organizations and she has organized numerous events for her fellow UHS classmates to get involved with the community. 

1. What are some of the extracurriculars you participate in?

In the Fall, I’m on the UHS Girls’ soccer team. I’m also a flute in the Pep Band, and I’m a part of the Academic Team. 


2. What are your favorite subjects?

My favorite subjects are math and chemistry I suppose. I’m hoping to be an engineer of some sort, so they’ll come in handy. 


3.Where are your favorite places to volunteer for?

I really enjoy volunteering at the Morning Dove Therapy barn in Zionsville. I’ve volunteered at a couple small food pantries as well, and those have been really great opportunities. 


4. How long have you been working with Canoeing for Kids?

 I’ve been working with Canoeing for Kids since freshman year. Both of my siblings were in charge of it before me, so it’s been really neat that we’ve all been involved with it. 


5. What is the best part of volunteering for Canoeing for Kids?

The best part about volunteering for CFK is helping out Niños Con Valor. It’s an amazing foundation, and the funds really help them keep their programs going. The event itself is also a blast. I had a lot of fun listening to music and paddling along with my friends in a canoe too. 


6. What inspires you to give back to your community?

When I see other people going out of their way to help others in the community, it inspires me to give back as well. After you’ve volunteered somewhere, you also feel great about your contribution to something bigger than yourself. 


7. How do you manage all of your activities with your classes?

When it comes to balancing extracurriculars and school, I use a planner. It’s really just a notebook where I write down any homework, quizzes or events that I have for that week. 


8. Who do you like to help through your service?

There isn’t really one type of person that I look to help. It doesn’t matter the cause; if I can make someone’s day better, sign me up!


9. What inspires you to send out your kudos emails?

The emails are all thanks to a podcast I listened to by Shawn Achor. He’s a happiness researcher, and one thing that he emphasized was the importance of developing your relationships. He suggested that you can start with something as simple as a quick text message to brighten someone’s day. 


10. What is some advice you would give to those who want to volunteer more?

My advice would be to volunteer at a variety of different places. Find a couple that you really enjoyed, and maybe get your friends involved too. 


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