2020 Presidential Candidates Update

2020 Presidential Candidates Update

By Allie Skalnik

Sarah Naidu wrote a wonderful article on every presidential candidate as of November 2019. Read that here.  Since then, seventeen candidates have dropped out. Here’s a quick update!

Joseph R. Biden Jr: Democrat

  • He has run for president twice already
  • Former VP under Obama presidency, former senator from Delaware
  • Focuses on offering protections for workers in manufacturing and fast food

Learn more about Biden here.





Tulsi Gabbard: Democrat

  • Army National Guard veteran and congresswoman from Hawaii
  • She met with Syria’s president, who was accused of using chemical weapons against civilians
  • She made anti-gay statements and worked for an anti-gay advocacy group. She has since apologized. 
  • Focuses on military intervention, including in Syria

Learn more about Gabbard here.




Bernie Sanders: Democrat

  • The current front-runner for the Democrats
  • Senator from Vermont
  • He is a Democratic-Socialist
  • His policies include Medicare for All and tuition-free college

Learn more about Sanders here.





Donald Trump: Republican

  • As the sitting president, he is the current front-runner for the Republicans
  • He supports tax cuts and has acted on this during his presidency
  • Faced legal investigations and impeachment during his stay in office
  • He focuses on immigration reform, trade, and undoing the work of the Obama administration

Learn more about Trump here.




William F. Weld

  • He was previously a Libertarian 
  • Former governor of Massachusetts and former federal prosecutor
  • He is running as a more moderate option to Trump (and he often criticizes him)
  • He has endorsed steps to legalize marijuana.
  • Supports fiscal restraint, free trade and moderate immigration reform

Learn more about Weld here.






Featured image courtesy of Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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