What is IYO?

What is IYO?

By Avani Papadopoulos

If you’re a die-hard musician, then the Indianapolis Youth Orchestra is the perfect place for you. The IYO, previously known as the New World Youth Orchestra (NWYO), is a place where musicians of all levels can practice music outside of school or private lessons.

The IYO is categorized into three orchestras—Concert, Philharmonic, and Symphony—all pertaining to the individual’s music level. The Concert Orchestra is usually for beginners or individuals who have only been playing for 2-3 years, and rehearsals are up to 2 hours long. Philharmonic is for people who have been playing for a decent amount of time, like 4-6 years, and rehearsals are also two hours. Symphony is for people who are at a fairly advanced level, where most people have been playing for 7-10 years or even more, so rehearsal is three hours.

Auditions to get into one of the three orchestras are held over the summer in late May, June, and July. To audition, you must have three scales (that will be assigned to you based on which orchestra you’re auditioning for), an etude that isn’t more than one minute long, a solo that is about three minutes long, and your audition form filled out in time for the audition. You may also make cuts to have your music be shorter than it is, as long as it fits those time requirements. You will get your results back through email around the end of July no matter when your audition was.

The IYO starts in August and goes up until May. It’s split into three cycles (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and there is a concert at the end of each cycle. Rehearsal practice is every Sunday (exceptions include holidays) at Butler University, and snacks and water are provided. When it first starts in August, there is a retreat held at Butler for every orchestra group so that everybody can get to know each other. Included are group activities and time for chatting with friends, food, and time to receive music for the first cycle and rehearse/sight read as a group.

If you make it into Symphony, something you can look forward to is that you get to go on a trip with your fellow musicians sometime during the year. Wherever you go, you will be performing, but it’s also another chance to bond with your group and just take a break and relax.

The IYO is a great place for you to find out if you want to become a serious musician, or even if you just want to develop a bigger relationship to music/with your instrument and share your talent with everyone.

Image courtesy of Indianapolis Youth Orchestra

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