What Does Your Favorite Beatle Member Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Beatle Member Say About You?

By: Andrea Perez Johnson

My dog is a three-year-old Jack Russell who had never really been trained. The only word he understands is “treat”, and everything else he leaves to his imagination. Although sometimes it is annoying that he doesn’t listen, or doesn’t want to, I appreciate his ignorance because it makes me think that some things are better left uncomprehended.

People criticize the things they don’t understand, kind of like how I lightly judge people who like country music. I cannot process the idea of sitting in my car and thinking, “Hmm, I would really want to listen to some Luke Bryans right now.” Country fans, do not get offended please; this is not an attack towards you. Songs about tractors and beer are just not appealing on my end. Songs about addicts, depression, emotional attachments, and other positive stuff of the sorts, are a lot more acceptable to me. When I’m in the car, I would much rather listen to “Asylum” by Supertramp, or “The March of the Black Queen” by Queen. That is just my taste, and if others do not understand that, it is totally ok. As a society in general, we will never fully understand each other, and sometimes that is hard for people to accept, especially me. If people do not agree with me on music, films, fashion, etc., I have to learn to recognize that it is okay. What I will never grow out of, though, is being stubborn in defending “Scarface.” That movie is perfect, and if you think otherwise, I don’t want to hear it. 

For example, I am a HUGE Beatles fan. I have listened to and admired them since I can remember. My favorite Beatles member is John Lennon (music-wise). My grandfather, on the other hand–his favorite member is George Harrison. I understand his position on George being his favorite, but personally I have an emotional attachment to the album “Imagine.”Nonetheless, I accept my grandfather for how he is. 

Honestly, it makes sense that his favorite is George Harrison. My grandfather is a very smart and well spoken person who cares about those around him. He is slightly introverted, but once you talk to him about something that he is passionate about, which is pretty much everything, you will see that he is very wise and has a lot to say. These traits remind me of George’s personality that I have seen in interviews, and it led me to think about the connection between the types of Beatles fans and their reason for being a certain way. I have a theory that, based on one’s personality traits, you can automatically guess what type of Beatles fan someone is. This is like zodiac signs for people with very little to do with themselves. Here is my Beatles fan theory: 

Number 1. The George Fan

People who are George Harrison fans are well acquainted with the Beatles and admire him for his guitar playing abilities. His humility and relaxed personality are also reasons why they like him and consider him their favorite. I have seen that a lot of George fans are also Eric Clapton fans and love the song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Fans of George are usually good hearted people who like to help others and stay humble. They are wise people who acknowledge George’s huge contribution to The Beatles discography, and credit is always given to him, and I admire that. These types of fans are people you can find at a episcopalian church or an abandoned jazz bar. They both have long attention spans and a dose of underlining haughtiness for liking something that no one seems to acknowledge as much. 


Number 2. The Paul Fan

In a very honest way, I will say this: most Sir Paul Mccartney fans are old and some are superficial. During the height of the Beatles, “Beatlemania”, most people liked him because he was attractive. From what I’ve read and heard, fans of The Beatles, a good portion who self proclaimed that because of Paul, seemed to have had obsessive tendencies. They waited hours and hours to see the man, and hysterically cried with slobber running down their face when they did see him. You can see how intense it was in any beetle mania documentary. Nowadays, I don’t hear too many people say he is their favorite due to that reason. If they do say he is their favorite, it is mostly because he is one out of the two who are still alive, and he is the one who tours the most often and who seems to stay the most relevant. 

I’ve also heard from a couple  of true Paul disciples that they like him because he is very “melodic” and “creative.” Besides that, some Paul fans seem to be mostly interested in his legacy and/or have a nostalgic connection. Not to say that the rest of the Beatles don’t have these types of followers, it is inevitable due to how famous they are, but Paul seems to accumulate the most.  This portion is not to say either that Paul was the least talented or admired. He is a brilliant songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, and his album “RAM” is one of my favorites, but generally I have seen that these are the types of Beatle’s listeners who say that Paul is their favorite. 


Number 3. The John Fan

It’s me. I’m John fan. 

This is not something I admit very quickly, but in the name of research, I have to. I know about his past, but I have a religious conviction to the song “Jealous Guy.”  If anything is telling you not to get in an argument with me about The Beatles, this should get the ball rolling in your brain. In a very unbiased way, I will say this, John fans are people who overthink things way too much, and usually, they are outspoken about their opinions. HUGE John fans will most likely study in a liberal arts college. Although there are always a couple Beatles “fans” in the crowd who say John is their favorite, they only really know his greatest hits. No shame in that. 


Number 4. The Ringo Fan 

Ringo Starr fans are usually people who aren’t super-fans of The Beatles but know about them well enough to not like the others for their controversial pasts. Mostly, they like Ringo because of his goofy personality and his underdog type position in the band. Some of these people feel like, in certain aspects of their life, they are underestimated and resonate slightly with him for that reason. From what I have observed, they are easy people to get along with and have charisma. Ringo Starr fans appreciate a witty sense of humor and like to laugh. I love a good Ringo fan. 


This is all from what I have seen, and it should not at all be taken seriously. I have had many seasons of my life where different Beatles members have been my favorite, and some of these descriptions have been true to me and to some of the people around me. I think it’s good to poke a little fun at ourselves and to not take our ego too seriously.  Even if this does not resonate with you, or if you don’t care because you don’t like The Beatles, take this as an opportunity to look at yourself a little closer and evaluate why you like the things you like. I have taken this time to understand other fans of The Beatles a bit more and judge less people who aren’t huge fans of them and just enjoy some songs. Not everyone will like the same things, and that is okay. Either we try to understand it, or if we can’t, we learn to be okay with not understanding it. 

Some things might just be better left uncomprehended. (A thank you to my Jack Russell for teaching me that)

“Everyone has different taste. There is no right or wrong taste.”- Rick Rubin 

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