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My Basketball Experience

Boys Basketball

This article was written by senior Sam Forkin. 

Coming into the 2013-2014 season, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that our team wasn’t going to be the dominant force as we were the year before. Having lost Dominic Dixon, a 6’8 power forward usually never seen in 1A basketball, knockdown shooter Eric Wott, senior leader Kevin Bates, and Jonathan Grubaums, people viewed us as a small, young team with little experience and little expectation to succeed the way we did in the past. However, aside from the outlook people had on us on paper, we had one thing this year that a lot of the other players and I can confirm that we didn’t have in the past, and that was confidence. Even though Tyler Diehl was our tallest player and guard at only 6’3, we looked past that and saw ourselves as equals compared to any team that we would play.

As many know, there was a big change from last year to this year in the coaching staff of the Trailblazers. Previous assistant coach Brandon Lafferman was hired to take over the head-coaching job for the Trailblazers. Coach Lafferman was able to get on a personal level with each and every single one of his players and honestly had belief in everyone’s abilities on, and more importantly off, the court. Coach Laff trusted me, cared about me, and put his trust into my hands whenever I was in his presence. It not only made me feel very comfortable but made a team of 12 players feel comfortable in their own shoes. It allowed us to not hold back whatsoever and explode into a unique team playing a different type of game that has ever been seen in University High School.

After starting out the season on a bumpy road, with many different experiments and coaching tactics, the team finally came together after the Vincennes Tournament. After losing three of the four games in Vincennes, not only were the coaches fed up with the performance, but also, more importantly, the players were able to realize what needed to be done in order to start winning games. Just like last year after the George Washington game, a flip switched and it all went uphill from there. We didn’t care if we were the underdog, we didn’t care if people came in the gym and laughed at our size. We began to put that aside, and the second the ball would go up for tip-off, it would be game on. We would hit the floor and play our game. We weren’t forced to run endless amounts of sets, or to play a certain type of defense at all times. We played within confined rules. The coaches literally just told us go out and do what you do, and with that being the mindset in our heads, that’s what we did, and that’s how we won.

Although the season didn’t end the way we planned for it to end, with another sectional championship and more, I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade this season for any other one. I wasn’t playing for a team where I had to search for my role this year. I was becoming part of a family. When I would hit the floor, we would play basketball together, the game that we all shared a love for. We accomplished a lot over the course of the year. We beat multiple 2A teams and ranked 1A teams and became the favorite in our own sectional. We reversed the insults that we were receiving from reporters at the beginning of the season to compliments. We didn’t have a successful season off of winning state or winning sectionals, but our success was defined by a group of kids coming together, every night, and doing something that nobody thought they could accomplish in a completely unique way. And that is why my senior season of basketball was a year I will never forget.

Get Efficient, Evolution!

Drake Jellison


Drake returns once more to bring you… Well, to be honest, I didn’t really think this one through, so I don’t know what I’m bringing you. Perhaps I bring you… Let’s say it’s a box, and within that box is another box, and within that box is Drake, because I can fit into boxes, and within that Drake is the human spirit, and within the human spirit is a whirling vortex of hypocrisy and weakness that somehow comes off as endearing. It’s an analogy, okay? I don’t have the money to bring you the human spirit. Or myself, for that matter. I am quite expensive. Not even Walmart can sell a Drake, and believe me, they’ve tried.

I digress (Lovely, we’re already off topic! I’m going to meet my quota at this rate!). As you might have seen in my other posts, thinking is not a prerequisite for writing, much less success. If you’d like an example of how I am perfectly correct and how nobody has any right to judge me and how you should certainly give me your credit card number, take a gander at our good friend, the sloth.

You might not want to watch the link below at school with everyone else watching, as zefrank1 can be quite… Shall we say, blunt about the observations he makes. This is what makes him such a credible researcher. He has a charming voice, too. Quite soothing, if I do say so myself. No, really, he could take your house and you’d thank him for it. He could make you think you were a fish if he just… Anyway…

Ah, sloth, folly of mankind. You see, the sloth, as so astutely observed by critically acclaimed researcher zefrank1, is not extinct. As you may have observed yourself (See? Your parents were wrong, you do have the makings of a critically acclaimed researcher about you! Try hard and believe in yourself and every day is a Friday.), I am not quite extinct. I almost got there once due to a tragic trampoline accident that momentarily rendered me a martyr in the souls and hearts of all stalwart defenders of virtue and justice, but I didn’t go extinct. Not quite.

So here I am, doing things that are not extinct. I return for the Nth time.

Now, on with the science.

Have you ever wondered why it is that badly dubbed movies seem so conspicuous in their… Conspicuousness? To some people, myself included, badly synced sound stands out and makes it hard to enjoy the movie at hand. Well, unless we’re talking Old Godzilla, where the poorly synced sound is just part of the experience.

Turns out, this isn’t really the T.V’s fault. Our brains are actually watching a really fast stop-motion film right now. Like, as you’re reading this. It’s called the game of life, and your brain and eyes work as a team. Your brain decides whether or not you’re going to own a mansion at the end, or whether or not you’ll be living in that nice country home with the golf course and the nearby chicago-style pizza place that gives you a discount. In other words, the brain uses our eyes, swapping images in and out fast enough to make things appear fluid. They aren’t and it would so happen that there is about a tenth of a second of time, or 100 milliseconds, that the audio signals must arrive within.

That’s when our brains sync the audio and video for us. Even if it’s off by a little, a few milliseconds, give or take, the brain doesn’t know. It just puts the audio and the video together and pretends that they’re good. But even one millisecond –  even one –  beyond or before that little buffer area, and our brains will realize that something’s not right. That’ll be when you get Old Godzilla or a case of Bad Lip reading. Both of which I highly recommend, by the way.

I got this info from a blog detailing science facts of the day. This one was #506, my… Admittedly, not my favorite number, which is 7. What? Nothing wrong with liking 7, it’s a cool number! Clichés work sometimes, you know.

Looking back over this post, it at least meets the required amount of tangents and the quota of digressions from the topic at hand. In short, I can rest assured that I wrote this, and that I am not actually a side character in a Disney movie. Nope. This writing proves to me that I’m the protagonist, which also means that my theories about my own invulnerability are true.

Now, to test them.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Stay thirsty, my friends.

January/February Basketball Recaps

This article was written by Daniel Healey and Isaac Mervis. 

Boys Basketball

1/17 Cardinal Ritter

University traveled to Cardinal Ritter for a memorable battle.  At the end of 1 quarter of play, University had a slim lead of 22-20.  The game was neck and neck at the end of the first half with a score of 42-41.  University led Cardinal Ritter 59-55 at the end of 3 quarters, but a big 4th quarter by Ritter sent the game in overtime.  In overtime Cardinal Ritter escaped with an 86-84 victory.  The Blazers were led by Tyler Diehl with 23 followed by Mikhail Liston with 18.

1/23 Tindley

In their first home game of the season, the Blazers took on Section rival Tindley.  University jumped out to a 12-7 lead at the end of the 1st quarter and never looked back.  The Blazers expanded their lead to 34-20 at halftime.  The Blazers’ lead grew even further at the end of the 3rd quarter with a score of 50-27.  Tindley had a strong 4th quarter, but it was not enough to catch the Blazers who took home the victory 58-40. Tyler Diehl and Sam Forkin led the Blazers in scoring with 16 and 14, respectively. Diehl and Forkin were sharp from the 3-point line, both shooting 4/6.

1/28 Alexandria-Monroe

On January 28, University hosted Alexandria-Monroe.  University gained an early 15-8 lead at the end of 1.  Alexandria battled back, but trailed 28-24 at halftime.  University had a surge in the 3rd quarter, increasing their lead to 46-30.  The Blazers held on in the 4th for a 70-58 victory, improving their home record to 2-0.  Sam Forkin led the Blazers with 19 points, shooting 5/9 from the 3-point line.

1/31 Eminence

University took on the Eminence Eels on January 31st.  University took a 19-10 lead after 1 quarter, and increased it to 42-24 by halftime.  Eminence took the third quarter, shortening the lead to 56-41.  University finished the game strong, concluding a 69-50 victory.  Tyler Diehl led the team with 22 points.  Tyler Diehl and Sam Forkin had great touches from the floor, both shooting 4/8 from the 3-point line.

2/1 Anderson Prep Academy

University traveled to Anderson to take on Anderson Prep Academy on February 1st.  The quarter-by-quarter stats are unavailable for the game, however, University was victorious 76-47.

2/7 George Washington

On February 7th the Blazers hosted George Washington in a game for the ages!  After 1 quarter, the game was knotted at 11.  University jumped out to a 19-15 lead at halftime.  The Blazers sustained a 36-33 lead going into the 4th quarter.  However, George Washington came back to make the score 49-49, sending the game into overtime.  One overtime period was not enough to settle the game, with the score at 54-54.  University was determined to emerge victorious, outdueling George Washington 11-5 in the 2nd overtime, finishing the game with a score of 65-69.  Tyler Diehl led the team with a double-double of 23 points and 15 rebounds.  Robbie Johnson and Mikhail Liston made great contributions with 19 points and 11 points, respectively.

Girls Basketball

1/28 Eminence

The Lady Blazers defeated the Eminence Eels 32-30 in this Saturday afternoon matchup. The Blazers took the 1st quarter lead with 12-9 lead. Eminence fought back in the 2nd quarter giving the Eels the 18-19 halftime lead. The 2nd half proved to be a strong one for the Trailblazers as they outscored the Eels 7-5 in the 3rd, 7-3 in the 4th, and giving them the outright lead and 32-30 victory. Sophomore Cyan Cosby scored 15 of the team’s 32 points. Ellie Klemsz also added 10 points.

Other Scorers:

Elizabeth Orians…4

Honor Cosby…3

1/30 Broad Ripple

The Lady Trailblazers suffered a tough 24-33 loss to the Broad Ripple Rockets. The Blazers started out very strong taking the 9-2 1st quarter lead. The 2nd quarter proved to be a rough one for our Blazers, but they still kept the 13-12 lead. The Blazers went scoreless in the 3rd opposed to the Rockets’ 10 points making the score 13-22. The Blazers kept up with the Rockets in the 4th, but the Rockets walked away with the 24-33 victory. Seniors Ellie Klemsz and Elizabeth Orians showed their leadership to the team combining for 17 of the team’s 24 points (Klemsz with 11, Orians with 6).

Other Scorers:

Cyan Cosby…3

Lizzie Berry…2

Reilly Small…2

 2/3 Faith Christian

The Lady Blazers fell to the Faith Christian Eagles 30-32. The Eagles took the 8-10 1st quarter lead. At the half the Blazers were down 12-17. After the 3rd quarter the Eagles still had the lead with a score of 22-28. The Blazers weren’t going to end the game without a fight. They outscored the Eagles 8-4 in the 4th quarter, but that wasn’t enough. The Eagles take the 30-32 victory.

Senior Ellie Klemsz took the scoring role for the night contribution 12 of the 30 points. Freshman Honor Cosby wasn’t too far behind with 8 points.

Other Scorers:

Lexie Schulte…4

Cyan Cosby…4

Elizabeth Orians…2

End of 2013 Recaps

Boys Basketball

Blazers vs. Park Tudor Recap: 11/27

University opened the basketball season against Park Tudor Panthers on November 27th.  The Panthers were a top-ranked 2A team heading into the season and proved to be worthy of the ranking.  They got out to a 24 – 10 lead at the end of the first quarter and didn’t look back.  The Panthers put up 33 in the second to make the halftime score 57-23.  The Blazers outscored the Panthers 20-16 in the fourth quarter, but it was not enough to come back.  The final score was 90-52 in the Panthers’ favor.  Xavier commit Trevon Bluiett proved to be tough to handle, scoring 41 points in the contest. University Junior Robbie Johnson had 20 points, including 4 three-pointers.  Senior Anthony Maranto dropped 12.  It was a tough season opener against a formidable opponent.  The team showed many positive signs that they will continue to develop and utilize throughout the year.

Blazers vs. Lutheran Recap: 11/30

University took on Indianapolis Lutheran on November 30th.  The Blazers jumped out to a 13-12 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.  They increased their lead at halftime to a score of 24-18.  The Blazers had their best effort in the 3rd quarter, scoring 17 to Lutheran’s 10.  Lutheran had an impressive effort to come back but fell up short, with a final score of 49-44.  Junior Tyler Diehl led the charge for University with 13 points, followed closely behind by Senior Sam Forkin with 12 and Junior Zach Duncan with 10.  Both Diehl and Forkin had two 3-point field goals in the contest.  The Blazers bounced back from a tough loss to Park Tudor and turned it into an impressive victory against Lutheran.

Blazers vs. Speedway Recap: 12/7

On December 7th, the Blazers traveled to Speedway to take on the Sparkplugs.  Speedway took an early 16-8 lead at the end of the first quarter.  By the end of the half they increased their lead to 31-18.  University had a nice surge in the third quarter to make it 43-36.  Despite late efforts, Speedway pulled away in the fourth to finish the game at 58-45.  The Junior guard combination of Mikhail Liston and Robbie Johnson had 13 points apiece.  Tyler Diehl and Anthony Murdock each had 6, followed by Anthony Maranto with 5.  Murdock also had 12 rebounds.

Blazers vs. Bethesda Recap: 12/13

University traveled to Bethesda on December 13th.  University jumped out to an early lead and never looked back.  After leading 15-12 after the first quarter, they increased their lead to 31-21 by halftime.  A huge third quarter brought the score to 48-26.  Despite a 23-point fourth-quarter effort by Bethesda, the final score was 66-49 in University’s favor. University found success behind a huge game from Mikhail Liston, scoring 22 points.  Senior Sam Forkin and Junior Tyler Diehl each tacked on 12 points.  Robbie Johnson and Anthony Murdock added 7 points of their win.  Some notable statistics were that Tyler Diehl shot 67% and Sam Forkin shot 50% from behind the three-point line and Anthony Murdock pulled down 8 rebounds.

Girls Basketball

Lady Blazers vs. Brebeuf Recap: 11/26

The Lady Blazers took on Brebeuf’s JV team on November 26th.  The Blazers took command of the game early and had a 16-2 lead at the end of the first quarter.  They continued their dominance to take a 26-9 lead at halftime.  The Blazers held on for the rest of the game for a 43-27 victory.  Elizabeth Orians had a great performance scoring 17 points for the Lady Blazers.  The rest of the scoring was equally distributed with Berry, C. Cosby, and E. Klemsz scoring 6; Schulte scoring 5; and Small scoring 3.

Lady Blazers vs. Bethesda Recap: 12/3

On December 3rd the Lady Blazers took on Bethesda Christian.  University jumped out to a 7-4 lead at the end of the four, but Bethesda evened it up in the second quarter to make a halftime score of 11-11.  Bethesda had a quick surge in the 3rd quarter and put up 10 points to University’s 4.  The Blazers had a great attempt to regain the lead but couldn’t quite hold on and Bethesda took the victory 31-27.  H. Cosby led the team in scoring with 7, followed closely by E. Klemsz with 6.  Other scorers include C Cosby with 5, Berry with 4, Small with 3, and Orians with 2.  Coach Summitt-Mann had this to say after the game:

“Tonight’s contest was a tough game.  Bethesda was ready to play and we got into some early foul trouble.  We seemed to have a lid on the basket in the first half, and had trouble finding Ellie underneath.  Overall, the experience of a close game will help us grow.  We had some girls step up, and move into new roles.  Honor Cosby provided us with a spark early off the bench and got us going.  Lexie Schulte came in as a defensive specialist near the end of the game, and Reilly Small hit a tough shot to bring us within three points in the final minute.”

Lady Blazers vs. International Recap: 12/10

The Lady Blazers hosted International on December 10th.  After one quarter, the score was an even 5-5.  The Blazers charged ahead in the second, with a half-time score of 14-10.  University increased their lead to 18-12 after three quarters.  The game came down to the final seconds, but the Blazers held on for a 24-22 victory.  Elizabeth Orians led the team with 10 points, followed by Freshman Maggie Klemsz with 5.  Here is what Coach Summitt-Mann had to say after the victory:

“The girls fought hard under pressure and pulled out the win.  Elizabeth Orians found her feet and hit some big shots outside the arc.  Our perimeter started finding Ellie in the post.  Lizzie, Honor, and Ashley all gave great pressure defense minutes.  Cyan Cosby also stepped up in a big way at the end of the game in the point position.  She took control of our team and stayed strong with the ball down to the final seconds. “

Winter Break Basketball Recaps

Daniel Healey and Isaac Mervis

Boys Basketball

12/20 Medora

The Blazers traveled all the way to Medora on December 20th.  After a big first quarter, University led 20-14.  At the end of half, University led Medora 32-24.  The Blazers had a big third quarter scoring twenty points.  A strong fourth quarter propelled the Blazers to a 65-51 victory.

Anthony Maranto had a big game, leading the Blazers with 18 points.  The Junior guards also had good games, with Johnson and Diehl scoring 12, followed by Liston with 10.  Seniors Murdock and Forkin added each.  Anthony Murdock led the team with 9 rebounds, followed by Anthony Maranto and Trent Thomas with 6 in his Varsity debut.

12/26 Bishop Chatard

To kick off the Vincennes Lincoln Holiday Classic, the Blazers faced the Bishop Chatard Trojans.  An evenly matched first quarter ended in an 11-8 lead for the Trojans.  A big second quarter by both teams made the half time score 31-23.  Bishop Chatard dominated the third quarter, finishing with a 52-30 lead.  A late surge by the Blazers was not enough, falling short 63-45.

Anthony Maranto led the way with 17 points (including 5 three pointers) followed by Tyler Diehl with 12.

12/27 Vincennes Lincoln

The Blazers started their double header off against Vincennes Lincoln.  At the end of the first quarter Vincennes led 11-8.  Both teams had a big second quarter to make the half time score 31-23.  Vincennes handily took the third quarter, finishing with a 52-30 lead.  Despite late surge by the Blazers was, they fell short 63-45.

Anthony Maranto led the team in scoring with 14 points, followed by Mikhail Liston with 9, and Anthony Murdock with 8.

12/27 Vincennes Rivet

On December 27th the Blazers faced Vincennes Rivet.  The Blazers jumped out to a 14-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.  University finished the half out strong with a 29-24 lead.  Vincennes Rivet regained the lead by the end of the third quarter with a score of 39-40.  A great fourth quarter effort and a Tyler Diehl three pointer allowed the Blazers to win the game with a score of 55-53.

The scoring was evenly distributed with Forkin with 13 points, Johnson with 12, Liston and Maranto with 9, Diehl with 8, and Daniels and Thomas with 2.

12/28 Tecumseh

On December 28th the Blazers took on Tecumseh.  University jumped out to a 13-8 lead after the first quarter.  University held on to a narrow lead at half 24-21.  Tecumseh tied the score up at 36 at the end of the third.  An even fourth quarter sent the game into overtime.  In overtime, Tecumseh outscored the Blazers 10-9 and was victorious with a score of 63-62.

Robbie Johnson led the team in scoring with 19, followed by Tyler Diehl with 14, and Mikhail Liston with 11.  Robbie Johnson was 5-6 from behind the arc.

12/31 Seton Catholic

On New Year’s Eve the University Trailblazers took on Seton Catholic at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  University commanded the first half finishing the first quarter ahead 14-11 and the second 28-20.  An evenly matched third quarter brought the score to 41-34.  Seton Catholic had a great effort in the fourth quarter to tie up the game and send it to overtime.  In overtime, Seton Catholic outscored the Blazers 6-3, finishing the game with a score of 59-56.

Robbie Johnson led the team with 18 points followed by Tyler Diehl with 10.

1/11 Indy Metropolitan

On January 11th the University Trailblazers took on Indianapolis Metropolitan.    The Blazers got out to a quick lead 18-15.  A huge second quarter brought the half-time score to 38-27.  The rest of the game was evenly matched and Indy Met could not overcome an early deficit, finishing the game 65-53.

Anthony Maranto led the team in scoring with 14, followed by Tyler Diehl with 13, Sam Forkin with 12, and Robbie Johnson with 11.

Girls Basketball

12/19 Indiana School for the Deaf

On December 19th the Lady Blazers took on Indiana School for the Deaf, a tough team.  After one quarter, the game was tight at 13-15 in ISD’s favor.  However, ISD started to pull away.  A 16-point effort in the second quarter increased their lead to 31-19.  Another 11 points widened the lead to 42-23.  A huge fourth quarter finished the game out at 63-31.

Ellie Klemsz led the team with 8 points.  The Lady Blazers look to bounce back against Lapel on December 28th at the U Center so come out and show your support!

12/31 Seton Catholic

The Lady Trailblazers were victorious against the Seton Catholic Cardinals in a New Year’s Eve matchup with a close score of 21-20. This game took place at Bankers Life Fieldhouse after the Indiana Pacers game earlier that day. The Blazers took the lead at the end of the 1st quarter with 5 points. The Ladies kept their lead going into halftime with a score of 12-7. Unfortunately the Blazers lost their lead in the 3rd quarter by only scoring 2 points in the quarter. The Blazers were down 14-15 going into the fourth. With good teamwork and aggressive basketball the Blazers outscored the Cardinals in the 4th quarter walking away with the one point victory.

Senior Elizabeth Orians led the team with 8 points followed by Guard Cyan Cosby with 5. Cyan also went 2 of 2 from the free throw line. Cyan and Elizabeth also helped the team out by both making a 3-point shot.

Other Scoring:

Honor Cosby… 4

Ellie Klemsz… 2

Maggie Klemsz… 2

Speedway 1/2

The Lady Trailblazers fell to the Speedway Sparkplugs with a score of 42-60. It was a tough 1st quarter for the Blazers as the trailed 7-22 at the end. At halftime they were still behind with a score of 17-34. The 2nd half of the game was strong for the Ladies. They tied the Sparkplugs in 3rd quarter points making the score 30-47. The Blazers added 12 points to their total while the Sparkplugs added 13 points during the fourth quarter making the final score 42-60.

Junior Reilly Small was the team points leader with 21 points. Sophomore Marissa Reel followed her with 9 points. Reel had two 3-Pointers in this game. Even though the Blazers lost this game they continued to grow as a team and it showed in the 2nd half of this game.

Other Scoring:

Ellie Klemsz… 3

Cyan Cosby… 2

Honor Cosby… 2

Maggie Klemsz… 2

Lizzie Berry… 1

Indy Metropolitan 1/7

The Lady Trailblazers took home the win against the Indianapolis Metropolitan Pumas with a final score of 42-33. The Blazers got off the right foot during the 1st quarter with a score of 12-5. They increased their lead by a point by halftime making the score 23-15. The Blazers came out of the break motivated and scored 16 points in the 3rd, the score was now 39-20. The Pumas were ready to fight back in the 4th quarter by outscoring the Blazers 13-3, but it wasn’t enough for the Pumas. The Blazers walked away with the 42-33 victory and the 3rd win of the season.

Ellie Klemsz and Lizzie Berry led the team to victory by both scoring 13 points. This was a solid win, and a great confidence booster for the team.

Other Scorers:

Elizabeth Orians… 4

Lexie Schulte… 3

Reilly Small… 3

Honor Cosby… 3

Audrey Geipel… 2

Marissa Reel… 1

1/9 Scecina

The Lady Blazers were defeated by the Scecina Memorial Crusaders with a final score of 34-54. The Ladies were behind 5-11 at the end of the 1st quarter. The 2nd quarter was a positive one for the Blazers by taking 2 points off Scecina’s lead making the halftime score 14-18. The Blazers continued to trail at the end of the 3rd quarter with score 24-31. The Crusaders showed their want for the victory during the 4th quarter by outscoring the Blazers 23-10 making the final score 34-54.

Cyan Cosby had 11 of the team’s 34 points and making 7 of 8 free throws. Lizzie Berry followed with 8.

Other Scorers:

Ashley Gonzalez… 4

Honor Cosby… 4

Ellie Klemsz… 4

Elizabeth Orians… 3

1/14 Lutheran

The Lady Trailblazers were defeated by the Lutheran Saints with a score of 21-50. The Ladies fell behind in the first trailing by 8 making the score 4-12. The Saints continued their hot shooting streak in the 2nd outscoring the Blazers 18-5 making the halftime score 9-30 in the Saints’ favor. The Saints brought their strong game into the second half making the score 41-15 at the end of the 3rd. The Blazers played with strong defense in the 4th quarter by only allowing the Saints to score 9 points while the Blazers scored 6, this made the final score 21-50 giving the Saints the victory.

Elizabeth Orians took the scoring role tonight with 6 points. Ellie Klemsz followed her with 5 points.

Other Scorers:

Lexie Schulte… 3

Lizzie Berry… 3

Cyan Cosby… 2

Reilly Small… 2

Athlete of the Week: Tyler Diehl

Tyler Diehl AOTW

Tyler Diehl is a junior here at University. During the winter, Tyler spends his time on the basketball court playing for the Varsity Basketball Team. Even though winter is the main season for basketball, Tyler plays and trains all year around to improve his playing ability and help the team.

1. How long have you been playing basketball?
I have been playing basketball since I was about 6 years old, but I didn’t really get serious and train until I was 9 or 10 years old.

2. What is your favorite part about playing basketball?
My favorite part of playing basketball would have to be winning and accomplishing goals with my team but I also like working on my game and training so I can continue improving.

3. What got you started?
My older brother got me started  because he played a lot. We used to always play and he would teach me different moves and stuff which made me end up loving basketball.

4. Who is your favorite basketball player?
My favorite current basketball player in the NBA is Kevin Durant but my all-time favorite player is the Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller.

5. What is your favorite pump-up song?
My favorite pump-up song is M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar

6. Favorite basketball memory?
My favorite memory would have to be the overall journey to Semi-state last year. It was crazy how far we came as a team to win Regionals and advance to Semi-State. The members of that team are like brothers to me now.

7. Pre-game ritual?
My pre-game ritual consists of eating a small meal before I go play and then once I get to the locker room before the game I start getting pumped up by blasting music with my teammates.

Photo Credit: Aaron Adams

Academic Team Kicks Off Season With New Spectator Record

Blazers vs. Avon Academic Team

This article was written by junior Monica Chavan. 

For their home opener against Avon, the Academic Team had a record 7 spectators. The crowd – some of whom was costumed for Halloween – split between three rooms to lessen their intimidating presence, but still managed to be the sixth-man for the Blazers. The Varsity team unfortunately lost 48-49 in a tightly contested match, but the rest of their season looks bright. The Junior Varsity team won 50-24 and began their quest to go undefeated for a second straight season. The third team racked up an impressive 41-9 victory against an undermanned Avon team, some of whose players missed the bus on the way to Carmel.

Among many new additions to the team is Quiz Master Jake Thurman. Mr. Thurman is replacing Mr. Derek Thomas, the Quiz Master of previous years. Mr. Thurman has so far enjoyed his title as Quiz Master. He said about the job, “By far the most enjoyable power that the Quiz Master possesses is the ability to silence any and all criticism… It’s very satisfying”. When he was asked to rate how exciting he finds Academic Team matches, Mr. Thurman responded, “I would definitely say the matches are a 10 out of 10. The match begins with a delightful array of snacks and friendly banter, but the intensity revs up as the competition begins… the entertainment never stops.”

Mrs. Nancy Webster and other spectators also commented on the weirdness that Academic Team matches sometimes present. Mrs. Webster was surprised by the “juxtaposition of the intense questioning and mathematical figuring… [over] all those crazy snacks.” Ms. Ashley Crockett-Lohr was a bit shocked by the novelty of the competitive activity, “I’m not used to sports where you can eat during a match or meet, so this opened my eyes to a new and exciting form of competition.”

Last Tuesday, November 5th, the Academic Team traveled to Western Boone. The Varsity team quickly rebounded from the last week’s loss and racked up a 73-23 victory led by junior Monica Chavan with 18 points. The JV team continued to display their dominance and won 78-7. Junior Neil Chavan had 23 points, senior Andrew Lupton had 15, and junior Alex Rosebrough chipped in 11. The Varsity team is now 2-1 in league competition; the JV team is 3-0.

The Academic Team’s next home match is on Thursday, December 12th against Zionsville High School. Matches take place in Mr. Bradley’s room, Room 102, and typically start around 4:15 pm. Any spectators who can contain themselves from shouting out the answers to questions during the match are welcome to attend. The Trailblazers will also compete on WTHR’s The Brain Game again this year, so stay tuned for information on when those matches will air.

Lady Blazers vs. Clinton Prairie Recap: 11/22

Ashley Gonzalez

The University Trailblazers traveled to Frankfurt, Indiana on November 22nd to take on the Clinton Prairie Gophers.  The Gophers proved to be a difficult opponent, starting off very strong and never letting their foot off of the gas.  After putting up 12 points in the 1st quarter, they added another twelve in the 2nd to make the half time score 24-6 in the Gophers’ favor. The Blazers doubled their score in the 3rd quarter, making it 38-12.  Another tough quarter for the Trailblazers, they finished the game at 49-14.

Senior leader Ellie Klemsz tallied 4 field goals for 8 points in the loss to the Gophers. Freshman Honor Cosby hit both of her free throws, continuing her perfect season from behind the line. Senior Elizabeth Orians and junior Elizabeth Berry added two points each. It was a hard loss for the Lady Trailblazers, but they will learn from their mistakes and continue to utilize their strengths in the games to come.


*Photo Credit to Benjamin Klemsz for JScottPhotography*

How Not to Prepare for a Marathon

Race Bib

After a negative marathon experience, sophomore Sam Klarquist has a few suggestions!

First thing you have to do is not run for two weeks before you do the marathon. Whatever shape you were in will have deteriorated in that time, but it’s close enough to make you think you still can run easily. Don’t wear any warm clothes when you go out: run in shorts and a shirt, and don’t pack a jacket. Remember not to use the bathroom before you run, and remember to drink a few glasses of water because it really makes you want to get to the finish. Nothing makes you want to finish more than knowing you can hold it in for so long. They have port-o-potties that you can use, but remember not to think you can wait a few minutes, and wait because sometimes it’s two miles to the next one.

The only nice thing is that after the race you get a shiny silver blanket, which will protect you from the wind. That doesn’t matter for the first few minutes, but after you have to remember not to wear clothes that would make you shiver for an hour. Now you might be wondering why you are shivering. It is because you and your parents of course don’t have to set up a meet up. The best idea for both of you is to look on opposite sides of the finish line for each other. After the race, blisters are going to cover your feet and your going to walk around sorely. In reality you should plan to have comfy slippers and get into bed to sleep. What you shouldn’t do is plan an activity where you’ll be awake miserably for hours like I did. I have done this and I hope you follow what I have told you to do.

Athlete of the Week: Cyan Cosby

Athlete of the Week: Cyan Cosby

Cyan Cosby is a sophomore here at University. Currently, she plays for the basketball team, but she is also involved with the Cross Country and Track teams. Cyan most recently ran herself to the Regional Cross Country meet this season along with junior teammate Megan James. They were the first ladies to do this for University. Cyan is not the only Cosby here at UHS. She is joined by her brother junior Jazen Cosby and sister freshman Honor Cosby.

1. How long have you been playing basketball?
I have been playing basketball for 6 years.

2. What is your favorite part about basketball?
My favorite part about basketball is just being with the team and having fun!

3. Favorite basketball memory?
My favorite memory would be our first game because it was our first real game together with this team.

4. Pre-Game Ritual?
I like getting pumped up with a good song.

5. Favorite Basketball Team?
The Indiana Pacers

6. Pump Up song?
HeadBand – B.o.B

7. Favorite snack?
Potato Chips

Photo Credits to Ben Klemsz