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    The Dark Side of PETA

    By Ryan Ricks Here’s a question: when you think of an organization that supports animal rights and veganism, an organization that fights against animal cruelty, which organization do you think of? Chances are you thought of PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This organization is one of the largest and most popular […]

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    4 Albums Out Now That You Should Listen To

    By Keegan Priest Crushing Julia Jacklin A- Break-up records aren’t uncommon. If anything you’ve heard this record a million times in different variations. But there’s something about Australian songwriter Julia Jacklin’s ability to lay herself down so vulnerably throughout every track of this album. In an interview with Dork magazine, Jacklin says “There are so […]

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    MARVEL-ous Movies

    By Mary Rozembajgier The start of the new year means the start of another year of fantastic Marvel movies, with 2019 being a big year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Not only will we finally see the true impact of Thanos’s fatal snap, but 2019 brings the start of a new phase. From the […]

2018 Best Albums

By Keegan Priest 1. Room 25 Noname With her debut album Telefone, Noname crafted a perfect blend of spoken word poetry of bubbly production that created a new standard for what modern jazz-rap is supposed to be and began to popularize the rise of young Chicagoan artists like Saba, Smino, Mick Jenkins. But maturity seemed […]

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  • How NPR’s Tiny Desk Gives Modern Music Life

    By Keegan Priest In a world filled with trap high hats, 808s, and computer-generated pianos, modern music of all genres has seemed to fall into the trend of ‘artificial’ music. As much as one can appreciate the complexities and emotion constructed by many modern producers, not very many can play a real instrument. With a […]

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  • Girls Volleyball Celebrates First Ever Sectional Win

    by Olivia Hakes On October 13, the girls volleyball team won their sectionals against the International School of Indianapolis for the first time. After one of the longest seasons in volleyball history, the players’ relentlessness and hard work paid off. Player Lindsey Syrek, agreed that there was always “lots of energy on the court, and […]

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  • 2018 Midterm Election Candidate Profiles

    By Grace Rozembajgier Tomorrow marks the national midterm election, where in addition to local political offices, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 Senate seats will be up for grabs. Here’s a quick run-down of the candidates on Indiana ballots.   US Senate Mike Braun, Republican Currently the CEO of Meyer Distributing, […]

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  • What to Do If You Feel Like Giving Up

    By Gloria Davidova As a society, we often get involved in activities or interests that may not interest us, but we are trying to follow a trend or please someone else. Whether that is a celebrity, friend, or family member, after some time has passed you lose interest and may ask yourself, What’s the point? […]

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  • Dear Hank: Answers 1

    “Where Can I Find Out About The Clubs in UHS?” Dear Clueless About Clubs, Not to worry! Stewardship is working on getting information on all the clubs. If you have any questions regarding how to access that information, I recommend you ask your stewardship representatives. Best, Hank   “What are some of the Hottest Trends […]

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  • Voter Suppression in the United States

    By Sarah Naidu The closely contested governor’s race in Georgia has attracted national attention because if Democrat Stacey Abrams were to win, she would become the nation’s first African-American female governor. However, this race has highlighted a larger problem of voter suppression. The Republican candidate for governor, Brian Kemp, has faced allegations of suppressing minority […]

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  • Stewardship Update

    by Mary Rozembajgier We are only three months into school, yet Stewardship has accomplished major events and has even bigger plans for the future. After elections in mid-August, Stewardship representatives got right to work being the voice of the University community. So far, Stewardship has planned the Fall Dance and the first ULearn of the […]

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