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    Voter Suppression in the United States

    By Sarah Naidu The closely contested governor’s race in Georgia has attracted national attention because if Democrat Stacey Abrams were to win, she would become the nation’s first African-American female governor. However, this race has highlighted a larger problem of voter suppression. The Republican candidate for governor, Brian Kemp, has faced allegations of suppressing minority […]

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    Girls Volleyball Celebrates First Ever Sectional Win

    by Olivia Hakes On October 13, the girls volleyball team won their sectionals against the International School of Indianapolis for the first time. After one of the longest seasons in volleyball history, the players’ relentlessness and hard work paid off. Player Lindsey Syrek, agreed that there was always “lots of energy on the court, and […]

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    Stewardship Update

    by Mary Rozembajgier We are only three months into school, yet Stewardship has accomplished major events and has even bigger plans for the future. After elections in mid-August, Stewardship representatives got right to work being the voice of the University community. So far, Stewardship has planned the Fall Dance and the first ULearn of the […]

Dear Hank Submission Box

This is an advice column from UPost. We take in advice from anything relating to school to friends and to existential crises. Don’t worry, this is completely anonymous so send in whatever you want (but inappropriate messages will be deleted). Thanks, Hank

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  • Lush by Snail Mail Album Review

    by Keegan Priest Rating: A- (91%) In a genre like Indie-Rock, sounds become blurred. With 40-50 years of genre evolution, creative innovation has become a scarce thing. And it’s because of this lack of progression that has turned me off to lots of modern rock music. Although it’s a cynical way of thinking about it, […]

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  • Crazy Rich Asians: Worth The Hype?

    By Karen Wang If there’s one thing that can be said about Crazy Rich Asians, it’s that it definitely brings the Asian, and it does it well. The film, which began screening across the US on August 15, has reached a level of commercial and critical acclaim and recognition once thought to be impossible for […]

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  • The Case for Vinyl

    By: Keegan Priest  Since 2010, 110 million people have registered to a music streaming service. Companies such as Apple and Spotify have provided us the world’s largest music database. With thousands of hours of songs from all across the globe spanning from the past hundred years, some could say streaming is the best thing to […]

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