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    2020 Presidential Candidates

    By Sarah Naidu   With the 2020 presidential race on the rise, several candidates have announced their bid. Here are the names that you should know:    Democrats: Andrew Yang “Humanity First” Yang served as the CEO for a test preparation company and then went on to start Venture for America, a non-profit focused on […]

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    Kudos Box: A New Way to Build the UHS Community

    By Gloria Davidova A new way to build community and strengthen the core values has come to University. Stewardship has made a Kudos Box. How it works: Once a member of the community writes a Kudos statement to someone or a group of people, they should put it in the designated Kudos Box in front […]

  • Introducing the Kale

    We are pleased to be introducing a brand new U Post section: The Kale! The Kale is the U Post’s satire section, similar to the Onion or McSweeney’s. Some of the content on the Kale will include sarcastic commentary on current events, entertaining quizzes, and more! We hope you guys enjoy and look forward to […]

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  • After Hours: Wes Priest

    By Cordell Wilson and Regan Hooker When one thinks of Wes Priest they immediately think of soccer, books, and Apple products. Although these things may play a huge role in Wes’s life, there are many other factors to what makes him an amazing teacher, coach, mentor, and friend.  Wes has been teaching at University for […]

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  • After Hours: Maggy Dean

    By Cordell Wilson & Regan Hooker Originally exclusively published in the February 2019 print edition.  For this segment of University: After Hours we interviewed history teacher Maggy Dean. Dean, who has been with the school for 17 years, tells us that she is from Indianapolis, born and raised, and attended high school at the all-girls […]

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  • Cross Country: More Than Just a Race

    by Avani Papadopoulos Running isn’t just great aerobic exercise; it also helps clear the mind and relieve stress. Chemicals called endorphins are released that make you feel good naturally. Runner’s high, a longer-lasting sensation, can also be an after-effect. Running is a form of bilateral movement (a back and forth movement), which actually helps you […]

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  • The Problem with Mixed-ish

    By Ryan Ricks Mixed-ish, a spin-off of the popular ABC show Black-ish, will premiere this fall. It’s premise centers around the childhood of the mother on Black-ish, Rainbow Johnson. The Wikipedia summary of the show states “ the series chronicles the early years of Rainbow Johnson as she recounts her experience growing up in a […]

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  • Dear Hank Vol. 1

    “I have no friends because everyone is mean. What do I do?”  Dear Friends,  I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble making friends. However, there are many ways to make friends here at University! If you believe the people you are with regularly are mean, maybe you should try doing something new so […]

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  • After Hours: Madame Swann

    By Cordell Wilson & Regan Hooker Originally exclusively published in the May 2019 print edition.  UHS’s French and ENL teacher since ‘02 Due to popular demand, we interviewed Shannon Swann for this edition of After Class. While sitting down and talking with Madame it became very clear that everyone should, at some point in their […]

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