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    The Effect Of French New Wave on the History of Narrative Film

    By Keegan Priest  In the mid-1950s, French Film Magazine Cahiers du Cinéma was home to many notorious film critics who were well-known for being outspoken against the horridity they saw in film at the time. They viewed much of French and American film, as Françious Truffaut said it, “unimaginative, oversimplified and usually an immoral adaptation […]

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    Dear Hank Vol. 3

    “I met a guy 2 weeks ago in one of my classes, and I had no idea that he was a junior until after I started to have feelings for him. I am a freshman btw! I have had a few conversations with him and he seems very nice, we have also studied together out […]

Student of the Week: Maya Callan

By Nerissa Finnen Maya Callan is a singer and actress at University who participates in many of the musical programs provided by the school. She is in her senior year and working tremendously hard to juggle her college applications and perform in the plays. Recently, she worked in UHS’s production of The Abridged Works of […]

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  • Procrastination: The Ultimate Dilemma

    By Avani Papadopoulos We all procrastinate, you can’t deny it. Then, we all complain that we went to sleep late last night because of a soccer game or too much homework. Is that always the case though? What are the chances that it was because you chose to procrastinate too much and that’s why you’re […]

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  • Dear Hank Vol. 2

    “Dear Hank, have been having issues with getting my ideas out there. I feel like my ideas aren’t that good and I don’t like it when people share them because it makes me feel more embarrassed if anything. I want to break out of my shell and feel comfortable enough with sharing some of my […]

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  • American Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Makes History

    By Gloria Davidova On September 16-22, the 37th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. These serve as a final qualification for the Olympic Games occurring next summer in Tokyo. Winning two guaranteed spots into the games for individuals and the guaranteed spot for groups, the American team made history.  Every participating […]

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  • 2020 Presidential Candidates

    By Sarah Naidu With the 2020 presidential race on the rise, several candidates have announced their bid. Here are the names that you should know:    Democrats: Andrew Yang “Humanity First” Yang served as the CEO for a test preparation company and then went on to start Venture for America, a non-profit focused on creating […]

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  • Reviewing The Music of Summer 2019

    By Keegan Priest   As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, summer time has come to end. And as we wear our sweaters and drink our apple cider, we can finally listen to the overbearing amount of music released in summer 2019. Here is a guide on what music looked like this summer:   […]

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  • Orchestra: Looking Beyond the Strings

    By Avani Papadopoulos Have you ever thought about the instruments in an orchestra? First, you have the violin, the most commonly played string instrument in the orchestra that everybody thinks they want to play. Next, there’s the instrument that all violinists wish they played because it doesn’t take ten years to sound good if you […]

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