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    Album Review: Flower Boy

    By Keegan Priest    Album: Flower Boy Artist: Tyler, The Creator Released: July 23, 2017 Genre: Experimental Hip-Hop, Jazz-Rap, Alternative R&B, Neo-Soul Rating: A (92%)   Following the days of the release of Flower Boy, many pop culture publications and news sources began to obsess over the themes of homosexuality exposed throughout the piece. Some […]

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    On Responses to Another Mass Shooting

    by Josh Watson For some unfortunate reason, people decide to kill other people. Through this reality, the Australian government unanimously decided to create comprehensive gun laws including criminal background checks, 28-day waiting periods, and a “justifiable” reason other than self-defense for owning a firearm. In addition, Australia enacted strict gun laws that banned semi-automatic rifles […]

Athlete of the Week: Josh Alford

By Grace Rozembajgier Senior Josh Alford recently committed to Franklin College to play basketball. With Senior Night coming up, Josh talked about his experience at University and his future at Franklin. What was the basketball recruiting process like for you? I mean, it really started toward the end of last year. Franklin was the first […]

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  • CTE In the NFL

    By Jay Maturi “If I knew back then what I know now, I would have never played football. Never.” – Bo Jackson, NFL All-Star and MLB Left-Fielder “CTE is a progressive degenerative disease which afflicts the brain of people who have suffered repeated concussions and traumatic brain injuries, such as athletes who take part in […]

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  • Sundance 2017

    Senior Charlie Vargas took part in the Film & Culture January Term class, and made this awesome video of their trip to Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. (Obviously, they spent most of their time watching movies, which Charlie could not film, but this video documents many other aspects and moments of their trip.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y58XVK9SHw

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  • Thoughts on Soon-to-be Endings

    By Emily Gardner When everything is culminating, you start to reminisce about everything that got you to this point. Every decision you made ultimately put you here (along with the choices of others muddling that up a little bit). Every relationship you formed and broke, every friendship, even the ones that didn’t last. You begin […]

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  • Athlete of the Week: Lindsey Syrek

    By Livi Nichols University High School’s third Syrek is making her mark on the girls’ basketball team. The 6’2” forward is a freshman that came from Creekside Middle School, with an exciting season ahead of her. Can you explain your position for someone who wouldn’t know? It’s kind of like, I can play both outside […]

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  • 101 Movies for Your Consideration: Part 3/10

    By Jack Paganelli Spoiler Alert: This piece contains spoilers for various films. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Casablanca (1942) Director:  Michael Curtiz Casablanca is one of the three or four movies on this list that I would grant the special qualification of being a Movie with a capital ‘M’.  It is anything anyone could […]

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  • New Year, New Mindset

    By Ariana Katz The ball has been dropped and here we are with yet another year upon us. A year that each and every one of us has the full potential to shape and create whichever way we choose. Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all sentimental about how we should all sit in a […]

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  • UHS Novel Writing

    By Jordan McQuiston You may have heard of the Great American Novel. It’s a term that has been applied to such works of literature as Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Well, despite the fact that none of the novels written in UHS Novel Writing class this summer were quite to […]

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  • UHS Basketball: Starting off the Season Right

    By Jay Maturi The aroma of semi-burnt popcorn. A wave of Blaze Craze shirts. Mrs. Webster’s granddaughter running step by step with Mr. Blanding’s daughter. Pounding drums. Jon Gray. Horrendous referee calls. The name “Aaaaaaaayush Guptaaaaaaa.” An abundance of U’s held in the air with a hush in the crowd. Basketball season has arrived. The […]

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