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    What Does Your Favorite Beatle Member Say About You?

    By: Andrea Perez Johnson My dog is a three-year-old Jack Russell who had never really been trained. The only word he understands is “treat”, and everything else he leaves to his imagination. Although sometimes it is annoying that he doesn’t listen, or doesn’t want to, I appreciate his ignorance because it makes me think that […]

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    How the Youth Ambassadors Fight Climate Change

    By Allie Skalnik Bhavya Thakkar is a fifth grader, and she created Earth Charter Indiana’s Youth Ambassadors program all on her own. The program began in December 2020, and has been working tirelessly since to raise the alarm about the climate emergency in Indiana. The Youth Ambassadors focus on community efforts, believing that the only […]

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    A Time-Obsessed Pop Culture

    By Andrea Perez Johnson Yesterday afternoon, I woke up from one of those after school naps that instinctively made me question the time of day and my whole perception of what time was. It was such a deep, meaningless, yet needed sleep that when I woke up, time disappeared, and all that laid there in […]

  • Every COVID-19 Commercial Ever

    By Karen Wang [DRAFT FOR “NOW, MORE THAN EVER” AD] We are in quarantine. We are isolated. We cannot see each other in close contact anymore. We cannot do the things we used to. Our lives have been disrupted. We are living a “new normal,” and that can be scary. We are living in a […]

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  • Gardening 101

    By Allie Skalnik There has never been a better time to get into gardening. With us all stuck at home, food is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, and with the weather getting warmer by the day, it’s not too late to break out the ol’ trowel and put some seeds in the ground. You never […]

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  • Flint: Six Years Later

    By Ryan Ricks Six years ago, on April 25th, 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan’s water source was switched from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. It was a switch that had been planned and worked on since 2012. The completion of the project was celebrated with a toast by the mayor […]

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  • I Capture the Castle: The Question of Feminism

    By Allie Skalnik  I was given this book for my eighth-grade graduation along with a raving review of the book’s brilliant female protagonist, Cassandra Mortmain. I only got around to reading the book recently, which is unfortunate because I now believe that my eighth-grade self would have been able to learn a lot from Cassandra. […]

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  • Dear Hank Vol. 5

    “Dear Hank, I am retiring soon and know I will miss all of these students. How do I get over this?” Dear Retirement, Congratulations on your retirement! While you’ll miss your students, I have no doubt your students will miss you too. Some solutions could be organizing “visits” or “meet-ups” (physical or virtual) with old […]

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  • Earth Day Under Quarantine

    By Allie Skalnik Earth Day 2020 is going to look worlds different from past years. No gathering together as communities. No parks crawling with people and classrooms brimming with craft supplies. There will be no tree planting and no climate strikes. There’s a reason why we celebrate Earth Day, and as climate concerns grow, it’s […]

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