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    New Troubles and Relief Both Caused by Heavy Downpours in Australia

    By Edward Wang For four days, heavy rain in Australia has brought relief after months of destructive fires and years of droughts, but it has also brought new concerns of additional bizarre weather and flooding damage.       Australia has fought through drought for years. According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, the 36-month […]

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    Lessons Learned From Cleaning Out My Watch Later

    by Ryan Ricks Over winter break, I engaged myself in activities most normal teenagers partake in when given an extended away from school. Sleeping, working, spending time with family and friends. Oh, and I cleaned out all 257 videos on my YouTube watch later.  It was a grueling process, spanning me over a week. However, […]

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    Student of the Week: Brooke Toombs

    By Nerissa Finnen Brooke Toombs is a junior who is very active in UHS’s girls soccer team and pep band. In her free time, she volunteers for non-profit organizations and she has organized numerous events for her fellow UHS classmates to get involved with the community.  1. What are some of the extracurriculars you participate […]

Procrastination: The Ultimate Dilemma

By Avani Papadopoulos We all procrastinate, you can’t deny it. Then, we all complain that we went to sleep late last night because of a soccer game or too much homework. Is that always the case though? What are the chances that it was because you chose to procrastinate too much and that’s why you’re […]

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  • Dear Hank Vol. 2

    “Dear Hank, have been having issues with getting my ideas out there. I feel like my ideas aren’t that good and I don’t like it when people share them because it makes me feel more embarrassed if anything. I want to break out of my shell and feel comfortable enough with sharing some of my […]

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  • American Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Makes History

    By Gloria Davidova On September 16-22, the 37th FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. These serve as a final qualification for the Olympic Games occurring next summer in Tokyo. Winning two guaranteed spots into the games for individuals and the guaranteed spot for groups, the American team made history.  Every participating […]

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  • Horoscopes for Week of 10/1/19

    By Audrey Priest * Disclaimer- these horoscopes are based on the original 12 zodiac signs, not the 13 that are now used  Hello everyone! It’s late September, so you know what that means—Libra season! In this new segment, I will be doing biweekly horoscopes. Stay tuned to learn what your fortune will be this week!  […]

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  • Introducing the Kale

    We are pleased to be introducing a brand new U Post section: The Kale! The Kale is the U Post’s satire section, similar to the Onion or McSweeney’s. Some of the content on the Kale will include sarcastic commentary on current events, entertaining quizzes, and more! We hope you guys enjoy and look forward to […]

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