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    A Goodbye From Your Editors-In-Chief

    Ryan Ricks: Oh man, where do I begin? I’ll miss the U-Post so, so much. The U-Post was the first club that I got heavily involved in after transferring to UHS at the beginning of sophomore year. At that point, the only writing experience I had was a handful of stories I wrote as a […]

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    Every COVID-19 Commercial Ever

    By Karen Wang [DRAFT FOR “NOW, MORE THAN EVER” AD] We are in quarantine. We are isolated. We cannot see each other in close contact anymore. We cannot do the things we used to. Our lives have been disrupted. We are living a “new normal,” and that can be scary. We are living in a […]

2020 Presidential Candidates Update

By Allie Skalnik Sarah Naidu wrote a wonderful article on every presidential candidate as of November 2019. Read that here.  Since then, seventeen candidates have dropped out. Here’s a quick update! Joseph R. Biden Jr: Democrat He has run for president twice already Former VP under Obama presidency, former senator from Delaware Focuses on offering […]

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  • Side Effects of the Coronavirus

    By Karen Wang Since the start of the spread of 2019-nCoV, more commonly known as  “the coronavirus,” concern and fear have also begun to spread around the world. But other less pleasant and less talked about things have been going viral too.  Racism and xenophobia have been on full display throughout the West, often accompanied […]

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  • Student of the Week: Brooke Toombs

    By Nerissa Finnen Brooke Toombs is a junior who is very active in UHS’s girls soccer team and pep band. In her free time, she volunteers for non-profit organizations and she has organized numerous events for her fellow UHS classmates to get involved with the community.  1. What are some of the extracurriculars you participate […]

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  • The History of National Parks

    by Allie Skalnik What prompted the creation of National Parks? By 1832, Americans were realizing that fewer and fewer places could be called wild and untouched by civilization. The fear was that industrialization would sweep through every wild place in the country, and that wildness, a representation of freedom, something we have defined as uniquely […]

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  • What is the Polar Plunge?

    By Avani Papadopoulos If you’re looking to do something a little fun, crazy, and helpful to others, then maybe you should consider trying the Polar Plunge! The Polar Plunge is a fundraiser held by Special Olympics, a non-profit organization that supports athletes with mental and physical disabilities. The plunge will be held on Friday, March […]

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  • Lessons Learned From Cleaning Out My Watch Later

    by Ryan Ricks Over winter break, I engaged myself in activities most normal teenagers partake in when given an extended away from school. Sleeping, working, spending time with family and friends. Oh, and I cleaned out all 257 videos on my YouTube watch later.  It was a grueling process, spanning me over a week. However, […]

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  • What is ISSMA?

    By Avani Papadopoulos Well, first off, what is ISSMA? ISSMA is a state-wide musical competition for all students who are involved in their performing arts program. ISSMA takes place during February and continues for a second round depending on whether or not you will go on to the state competition. Students are allowed to enter […]

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