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    The Effect Of French New Wave on the History of Narrative Film

    By Keegan Priest  In the mid-1950s, French Film Magazine Cahiers du Cinéma was home to many notorious film critics who were well-known for being outspoken against the horridity they saw in film at the time. They viewed much of French and American film, as Françious Truffaut said it, “unimaginative, oversimplified and usually an immoral adaptation […]

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    Dear Hank Vol. 3

    “I met a guy 2 weeks ago in one of my classes, and I had no idea that he was a junior until after I started to have feelings for him. I am a freshman btw! I have had a few conversations with him and he seems very nice, we have also studied together out […]

Following AP Art: Morgan Wood

University’s student body is an exceptionally creative bunch. This is clearly visible in the spectacular art pieces displayed around the school, as well as the astounding number of awards and ribbons awarded to UHS students for their work. With this new series on The U Post, we hope to further display the wealth of talent […]

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  • When in Doubt, Jellyfish

    The title just about explains my situation. I won’t delve into what is pressing me for time or sapping me of my creativity tonight, but I will dive into the deep sea (metaphorically) to fish (metaphorically) some information up for you regarding a jellyfish that never dies. Kind of. Those of you who have length […]

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  • Believe It! The Blazers Are Sectional Champions

    On a cold miserable early January night in Indianapolis, the Trailblazers traveled to the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School and were handed a sound 71-47 beating by the Tindley Tigers.  However, on a cold but not entirely miserable March evening, the story was a little bit different. I knew all along we could hang with […]

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  • A Review Of Girls

    Girls on HBO is probably one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s in season two, and things are definitely getting more interesting in the characters’ lives. If you’ve never heard of the show, essentially it focuses on a group of four young women living in New York City. They are in that […]

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  • Jellison Journalism: The Magic Pill

    I recently read an article or two regarding scientific progress, among other things such as international politics. However, I figured I should not immediately inject politics into my column, because that isn’t the only topic I’ll be writing about, and I didn’t want to give that impression. After sifting through a few new and old […]

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  • Why I Love Parks & Recreation

    There’s something inherently happy about a tiny horse. And by tiny horse, I don’t really mean a pony, although I have nothing against a good pony. I mean a miniature horse, like Li’l Sebastian from Parks and Recreation. Yesterday was the inaugural Happiness Day at University High School, and to me, this made-up holiday is […]

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  • Meet Our Newest Blazers!

    I had the opportunity to interview our newest Blazers – they all joined at the beginning of this semester. They are a great group of students from a variety of grades – from 9th to 11th, with three sophomores in between. They come to us from all over the state (most recently Carmel) and even […]

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  • Cinder Ellie

    This is a fictional piece written by sophomore Moriah Atlas.  I see dirt on the dishes. I see dust on the mantle. I see a little girl in rags standing before me, asking to go to a party when she hasn’t finished her chores. Maybe next year, if you learn to do as you’re told. […]

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  • Athlete of the Week: Eric Wott

    Eric Wott is a senior basketball player. He is currently ranked fourth in the state in three-point field goal percentage and is a key player at the shooting guard position for the Blazer basketball team as they head into Sectional 58 play. He is also a starter for defense for the UHS soccer team, and […]

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